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Micah 7 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation of Micah Chapter 7

Metaphysically Interpreting Micah 7:18-20

7:18Who is a God like unto thee,
    that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth over the transgression
    of the remnant of his heritage?
he retaineth not his anger for ever,
    because he delighteth in lovingkindness.
7:19He will again have compassion upon us;
    he will tread our iniquities under foot;
and thou wilt cast all their sins
    into the depths of the sea.
7:20Thou wilt perform the truth to Jacob,
    and the lovingkindness to Abraham,
which thou hast sworn unto our fathers
    from the days of old.

May 28, 1950: Micah 7:18-20

What conviction brings peace of mind to the individual irrespective of whether the external realm is at peace or not? The thought of the loving-kindness of God, of divine compassion, of forgiveness without limit, and of the truth yet to be realized, understood, and expressed by the Christ man.

Transcribed by Tracie Louise on 12-01-2013