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Ecclesiastes 10 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation of Ecclesiastes Chapter 10

Metaphysically Interpreting Ecclesiastes 10:17

10:17Happy art thou, O land, when thy king is the son of nobles, and thy princes eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness!
October 25, 1942: Eccles. 10:17

In what sense may the terms "land", "king", "nobles,'' and "princes be used in order to have meaning for us at the present time? The "land" may be said to represent our body consciousness, the "king'' our will, and the "nobles" and "princes" our wholesome, right, desires.

How is the body consciousness affected by our desires? A desire for what is right and best for our body builds up our consciousness of it until it becomes a picture of wholeness and perfection. A sound mind means a sound body.

August 17, 1947: Eccles. 10:17

How do a people or an individual overcome the habit of intemperance? By giving their thought to God and by growing in spiritual understanding. As we continue to look to God for guidance and put our best understanding of life into practice, we learn to think and live temperately. 

Transcribed by Tom Schulte on 9-7-2013