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Romans 7 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation of Romans Chapter 7

TruthUnity note: Unity never provided commentary on Romans 7. So the following are comments I have written and comments that have been contributed to me. - Mark

This is the chapter where Paul says “Wretched man that I am!” (verse 24). That isn’t a line that Unity endorses. And it is probably why Unity never provided any commentary on Romans chapter 7 at all. The Revealing Word says,

If, through the power of our thought and word, we affirm the opposite of life and talk about the absence of life, we rob the body cells of their natural element. This treatment will eventually bring death to the organism. Let us not say, “I am tired”; “I am weak”; “I am sick.” Rather, let us say, “I am strong”; “I am well”; “I am alive with the life of God now and forevermore.”

There are two verses that are important for what they can say about social justice:

Verse 7:4: “that ye should be joined to another...that we might bring forth fruit unto God.” It could be said that we are free from the law of cause and effect (law of sin and death) by the grace of God (law of God) that ye should be joined to another. Another way of saying it is that we have been freed from death so that we can be bonded to one another. If so, grace (and Love) are the only way to resolve some of the legacy we are attempting to face today. There is plenty to explore here for personal reflection and a Sunday lesson.

Verses 14-25 are the basis for what is known in liturgical churches as “General Confession”: “ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father, We have erred and strayed from thy ways ... And there is no health in us.” Unity has always rejected this theology. But it just may be that we as a country are proceeding through a collective “general confession.” It may be time for metaphysical religion to explore and embrace sacramental aspects that lead to healing and wholeness. If so, this is the passage for reflection. I invite someone to write and share a General Confession for our day.