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Psalms 148 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation of Psalms 148

Metaphysically Interpreting Psalms 148:1-3, 11-13

DECEMBER 19, 1954: Psalms 148:1-3, 11-13; Matt. 1:18-25



Unity's Interpretation of the International Sunday School Lesson

Questions and Answers

What is the meaning of the name Jehovah? Jehovah is one of the names of God. In Exodus 3:14, 15, Moses says that Jehovah told him that His name means “I AM THAT I AM.” The I AM is the ideal creation of Divine Mind. In Old Testament the I AM is symbolically described as Jehovah; in the New Testament it is called Christ.

Why does the Psalmist exhort us to praise Jehovah? Our ultimate purpose is to comprehend and attain oneness with the I AM, the divine nature, the ideal or perfect-man idea that indwells within us. Praise stirs into activity the higher powers and spiritual energies of our being. It exalts our spirit and clears our vision to perceive the I AM, the only-begotten Son of God, the cause and the fulfillment of our existence.

What is the virgin birth? The virgin birth is the awakening of the mind of man to the conception of the Christ Spirit as the only reality.

To the metaphysician, what is the meaning of the name Immanuel? Immanuel means “God with us,” but the metaphysician sees it as the consciousness that God is with us and that we are one with Him. The name thus means to him, “God within us.”

At its inception in the soul of man, why is the I AM represented as a newborn child? The newborn child represents the purity, innocence, and trust of one whose mind is stayed on God.

What do Mary and Joseph represent? Mary represents the soul; Joseph, intuitive wisdom. Joseph, “being a righteous man,” wished to do what was right without regard to his own interests, and he meditated on the course he should take.

Is meditation conducive to enlightenment or intuitive perception? Yes. In meditation the mind is stilled and becomes receptive to the true ideas of universal Mind, in which all wisdom and knowledge abides. Joseph received guidance from the Lord in a dream following meditation.

What connection has wisdom with love? Wisdom is the outcome of love deeply and quietly held. We understand those whom we love. “Joseph [wisdom], thou son of David [love].” Together, wisdom and love form the mind of the Christ.

What is the Christ? The Christ is the perfect-idea man, whom God created, the real self of all men. Jesus Christ is the Christ self brought into perfect expression and manifestation. Christ is the Savior of mankind, the free, divine gift of God to us.

To Be Held in the Silence

The love of the Christ in my heart is the free gift of God to me.

Transcribed by Lloyd Kinder on 10-30-2013