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Metaphysical meaning of seven (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of seven (mbd)

Meta. The number representing fullness in the world of phenomena; seven always refers to the divine law of perfection for the divine-natural man. Adam was a divinely natural man, and had he conformed to the divine law he would not have died. He would have just naturally slipped over into the spiritual man. In the spiritual, twelve is the number of fulfillment, instead of seven.

Elisha told Naaman to bathe in the Jordan seven times.

Seven is so universally used as a mystical number that its basis must be in some fundamental arrangement of the natural world. The golden candlestick that was made expressly for use in the tabernacle in the wilderness had seven lamps (see Exod. 25:31-39). This candlestick of gold, with its lamps, was also used later in the Temple that Solomon built at Jerusalem; it is mentioned in II Chronicles 13:11. We know that the tabernacle and the Temple represented the body of man, and the seven lamps were symbols of seven centers in the organism, through which intelligence is expressed. Everybody knows of five of these avenues: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling. There are two in addition to these: intuition and telepathy. The solar plexus is the organ of intuition, and the brain is the organ of telepathy.

These lights have been dimmed by seven sins. These sins have also been given a sevenfold classification: pride, anger, lust, covetousness, envy, gluttony, sloth. The great purifying river of life must wash away these sins and their leprosy from the body. To bring this to pass man must deny in sevenfold measure the darkness of error that obscures the inner light and life.

The meaning of the sending out of the seventy by Jesus (Luke 10:1) is that the seven avenues of expression in man, the seven senses or seven centers in the organism, are to be trained in spiritual ways and their efficiency is to be multiplied tenfold.

"Seventy times seven" (Matt. 18:22) implies unlimited forgiveness.

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