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Metaphysical meaning of Rechab (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rechab (mbd)
Rechab, re'-chab (Heb.)--rider, i. e., of horse, ass, or camel; driver, i. e., of wagon or chariot; band of riders on camels; horseman; troops; wagon; chariot; charioteer.

a Son of Rimmon. With his brother Baanah he killed Ish-bosheth, Saul's son who had been proclaimed king by Abner after Saul was slain. Rechab and Baanah were captains under Ish-bosheth (II Sam. 4:2-12). b The father of Jehonadab, or Jonadab. Jehonadab joined Jehu in killing the remainder of the house of Ahab and in destroying the Baal worshipers out of Israel (II Kings 10:15, 23). This Rechab was the founder of the Rechabites of Jeremiah 35:6-19; see also I Chronicles 2:55 and Nehemiah 3:14.

Meta. The power to control and direct (horseman, rider) the vital thoughts and forces with their resultant body activities (horses relating to the vital forces in man, and wagon, chariot, to the body activities). The central thought in Rechab is that of riding and driving, or the power to control and direct.

Rechab, the father of Jonadab and founder of the Rechabites, symbolizes more particularly the power (horseman) of thoughts that are moved by sound logic. These thoughts (Rechabites) stand out clearly in their obedient, faithful nature. They do not respond to the mixed, confused ideas of the material consciousness, Babylonians, and the like.

The Rechabites would not drink wine because their ancestor Jonadab (whom Jehovah impels) had said that they should not. The power of understanding --even if this understanding is of the intellect--existing in companionship with divine wisdom is not influenced by the ignorant belief that material stimulation of any kind is needed. It knows that the life of Spirit is ever present in abundance to strengthen, support, and invigorate the entire system; there is therefore no need of wine (false material stimulants) to revivify and sustain the mind and the body.

The Rechabites did not build houses; they dwelt in tents. This means that true reason in man would not bar man's spiritual ongoing and good by settling down to crystallized rules and forms of thought. It is ever progressive, ready to move on to higher and more perfect ideas and methods of thinking.

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