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Metaphysical meaning of Jeremiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jeremiah (mbd)
Jeremiah (in A. V., Matthew 16:14, Jeremias; Matthew 2:17, Jeremy), jere-ml'-ah (Heb.)--whom Jehovah sets up; whom Jah establishes; Jehovah will enthrone; Jah will set on high; exaltation of Jehovah.

Besides the prophet Jeremiah there are several Israelitish men by this name in the Bible (I Chron. 5:24; 12:4, 10; II Kings 23:31, and others).

Meta. Spiritual faith demanding that all religious thoughts be true in observance of divine law.

The individual who has faith is very courageous spiritually, but in outer consciousness such a one may be timid and shrinking when directed by the Spirit of the Lord to testify to Truth, as was Jeremiah (see Jer. 1:4-10).

When ignorance and wickedness rule, faith is bound in the dungeon of materiality. When the extremity is great and the usual human aids are powerless, the ruling will (King Zedekiah) turns to submerged faith and asks the outcome.

Jeremiah is called the sorrowful prophet because he nearly always looked on the dark side and prophesied evil. When one's faith is pressed upon by thoughts of discouragement and condemnation one should deny belief in material bondage and affirm the living substance of Spirit as the one reality. King Zedekiah set Jeremiah free and gave him daily a loaf of bread, which represents denial and affirmation. Stimulate your faith in God by thinking of it and by using it. Faith is man's most marvelous faculty (whom Jehovah sets up), and if you have it in the very smallest degree (a grain of mustard seed) you can "remove mountains" (Jer. 37:4-21).

In Jeremiah 36 Jeremiah represents that exalted state of consciousness that connects us with Divine Mind (exaltation of Jehovah). He is that in us which intuitively discerns the divine law and seeks to impress it on the will (the king).

The meaning of Jeremiah's being shut up in the court of the guard so that he cannot go with his message into the house of Jehovah is that a separation in consciousness has been built up between the wisdom and the will; the will has taken possession of the life in the organism, and has excluded the wisdom.

Jeremiah, in Jeremiah 26:8-16, represents spiritual consciousness' connecting us with Divine Mind. Spiritual consciousness sees the result of neglecting to make daily contact with God in prayer and in observance of divine law, and prophesies disaster like that which came to Shiloh (peace of mind).

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