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Metaphysical meaning of Abner (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abner (mbd)
Abner, ab'-ner (Heb.)--father of light, i. e., enlightener; father of enlightenment.

Captain of Saul's army (II Sam. 2:8).

Meta. The meaning of the name Abner is father of enlightenment, denoting the transmission of light from the principle of light (God). As the captain of Saul's army, Abner signifies illumined reasoning or the intellect's having received some enlightenment from Spirit. It is to this power that the undeveloped will (Saul) must look for protection and safety. When Abner (illumined reasoning) fails in the trust that has been given him, he is considered worthy of death; in other words, just as the illumined intellect, represented by John the Baptist, must be merged with the Christ, so illumined reasoning, represented by Abner, must be absorbed by the all-knowing Mind. (See I Sam. 26:7-17.)

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