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Metaphysical meaning of Jonadab (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jonadab (mbd)
Jonadab, jon'-a-dab (Heb.)--whom Jehovah impels; Jehovah is spontaneously liberal; Jah will impulsively give.

a Son of Rechab, head of the Rechabites (Jer. 35:6-19). He is called Jehonadab in II Kings 10:15. b A very subtle man, a friend of Amnon, David's son (II Sam. 13:3).

Meta. The Rechabites, who were of the Children of Israel, were commanded to live in tents instead of houses (Jer. 35:7). This dwelling in tents symbolizes the progressive spiritual man who never allows his ideas to become crystallized, fixed, or final; who sees to it that they are receptive to new revelations and expressions. Spiritual progress is readily made when man is free from fixed ideas. This does not mean that he is to have an unstable consciousness. His mind is stable because it is established in the one infinite Principle, and his determination is that his life shall be a constant progression toward higher spiritual standards. He is always at home in the consciousness of ever present Spirit, which ever unfolds in him with new ideals of expression.

Therefore the edict of the Lord is that Jonadab (whom Jehovah impels), the son of Rechab (horseman, or power), "shall not want a man to stand before me forever." The Jehovah-impelled son of power will never lose the consciousness of the divine presence. (See JEHONADAB.)

The Jonadab who was a friend of Amnon, David's son, signifies the wisdom and the power that are gained through our Jehovah-impelled true thoughts, given over to deceptive, adverse, sense ways. (This Jonadab was a very subtle man; he gave Amnon advice that led Amnon to wrongdoing, and to death later). Even so, the power and the understanding that we gain through Spirit must be utilized only in true, honest, spiritual ways if we would reap an abiding consciousness of life, harmony, and good.

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