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Metaphysical meaning of Baanah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baanah (mbd)
Baanah, ba'-a-nah (Heb.)--son of affliction; son of grief.

There were different men by this name (II Sam. 4:2; 23:29; Ezra 2:2); it is a form of Baana.

Meta. From the Bible history of the men named Baanah, we are shown how giving way to seeming affliction and sorrow works out greater evil in one's life, as in the case of the Baanah of II Samuel 4, who with his brother killed Ishbosheth the son of Saul, and was slain himself because of this act. On the other hand we can cause even suffering, and that which appears evil, to work out for our good; we can become more firmly established in strength, love, and Truth by refusing to be daunted by seeming error conditions and by rising out of them through exercise of the Christ power in ourselves. (One of the men named Baanah was a mighty man of David's; another was an officer of King Solomon's; still another was one of those who returned with Zerubbahel from the Babylonian captivity.)

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