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Metaphysical meaning of Luke (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Luke (mbd)
Luke (in A. V., Philemon 24, Lucas), luke (fr. Gk.)--luminous; light-giving; enlightening; instructing.

A Christian who traveled much with Paul in his ministry. Luke is called a "physician," and is thought to be the writer of the Gospel of Luke and The Book of Acts (Col. 4:14).

Meta. Luke means luminous, light-giving. When one ceases to cling to material things, the luminous state of mind becomes abiding. After the worldly ideals (represented by Demas, Titus, Dalmatia, Crescens, in II Timothy 4:10-12) have disappeared, the overcomer finds the one luminous Presence left with him. It is then that new mental qualities come to take the places of the old ideas that were dropped. Mark, the shining one, is called after Tychicus, whose name means fate, has been sent away. One who learns the divine law is not subject to fate. He makes his own destiny by the use of the law.

In Colossians 4:14 Paul refers to Luke as "the beloved physician." Metaphysically this would indicate that Luke belongs especially to that phase of the intelligence that has to do with keeping the body well. As a missionary Luke carries the healing message to all parts of the body. Paul and Luke working together symbolize the converted will and spiritual illumination united in presenting the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the entire being.

There is but one way to attain healing, wholeness; that is the way of the spiritual man, mystically called Jesus Christ. Luke, the illumined healing intelligence in us, is ever seeking to impress this truth more and more deeply on our consciousness and on the very cells of our body.

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