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Metaphysical meaning of Titus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Titus (mbd)
Titus, ti-tus (Gk. fr. Lat.)--titled; honorable; renowned; glorious; pretext; pleasant; pleasing.

A Grecian man who was converted to the Christian faith by Paul (Gal. 2:1, 3 ; Titus. 1:4).

Meta. A pleasing, agreeable, and honorable attitude of mind (pleasant, honorable, titled, renowned) that accompanies the word of Truth in its restoring work throughout the organism and the consciousness of man (Titus was a fellow worker with Paul in the ministry).

In Acts 18:7 Paul, the word of Truth, goes into the house or body consciousness, typified here by Titus Justus, and speaks the word to many Gentiles--outer worldly thoughts.

In II Timothy 4:10 it is not clear whether Titus forsook Paul and went to Dalmatia or Paul sent him there to preach. Dalmatia means deceitful. Unless it is established in a very strong sense of honor the attitude of mind that seeks always to please others (Titus) is likely to become deceptive (pretext), in its attempts.

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