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Metaphysical meaning of Philemon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Philemon (mbd)
Philemon, phi-le'-mon (Gk.)--loving; affectionate.

A wealthy man of Colossæ, a city of Phrygia in Asia Minor. He was the owner of Onesimus, a slave, and both of them became converted to Christianity. One of Paul's epistles was written to Philemon (Philem. 1).

Meta. A thought that belongs to the love nature in man, and becomes deeply attached to the Christ Truth (loving, affectionate, a convert to Christianity). This thought is established in substance and power (Philemon was a wealthy man, and a man of position).

The lesson that is being worked out through Paul's appeal to Philemon for clemency toward Onesimus the slave is the truth that, in spite of certain limitations in its activity, the word can, through the forgiving love of God, bring about freedom in some planes of consciousness.

The greatest slavery in the world today is the ignorant slavery to sin. "Every one that committeth sin is the bondservant of sin." True freedom comes through love guided by the reconciling power of the word. Paul's letter to Philemon is the word expressed in love, justice, and righteousness, which always bring forth fruit after their kind.

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