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Metaphysical meaning of Demas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Demas (mbd)
Demas, de'-mas (Gk.)--popular; of the people.

One who worked with Paul in the Truth but later forsook him, "having loved this present world" (II Tim. 4:10). (See Col. 4:14 and Philem. 24.)

Meta. While the work of regeneration is going on, many old ideas are eliminated. We find Demas, whose name means popular, of the people, forsaking Paul and going to Thessalonica. His love for the material world separated him from the consciousness of Truth. The thoughts in us that believe in the material world as the source of our happiness and well-being cannot follow us in our spiritual development. Love of popularity, love of the approval of the world, and the popular beliefs about life cause one to fall short of the Truth standard.

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