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Metaphysical meaning of Timothy (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Timothy (mbd)
Timothy, tim-o-thy (Gk.)--worshipping God; honored of God; honoring God; veneration of God; prized of God; valued of God.

A Christian convert, who helped Paul much in his ministry (Acts 16:1; I Tim. 1:2).

Meta. Inspired reason united with faith; also zeal.

The word Timothy means worshipping God, honoring God, honored of God, prized of God. He was "the son of a Jewess that believed; but his father was a Greek." A Greek symbolizes intellectual reasoning. The Jews often called any Gentile by the term "Greek." Gentiles signify the outer sense consciousness in man. "A Jewess that believed" would have reference here to our faith in God and to our love for Him. Timothy therefore represents an idea in us that has its inception in a union between our intellectual reasoning and our inner spiritual qualities of faith and love. So we understand Timothy to symbolize inspired reason united with faith and zeal (Paul, in II Timothy 1:5, writes of the unfeigned faith that was in Timothy, and that dwelt first in his grandmother Lois, and in his mother Eunice).

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