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Letters of Myrtle Fillmore (1936)


TWO of your statements prompt us to a little explanation, before giving the outline for treatments: (l) “I am wondering if you will send me, also my brother, some health vibrations.” (2) “We are asking you to relieve us through the Silent Unity healing.” We are not just sure that you understand that you are to cooperate with us, by studying the Truth so that you may come into the understanding of the divine laws of health and life and prosperity, and by joining us daily, regularly, in prayers that we shall suggest.

We will not say that the work we do here has nothing to do with the healing. But we do not promise results unless we have the faith and the co-operation of those for whom we pray and to whom we give instruction. For after all it is not the physical and mental relief that means most to the persons receiving treatment, and we are not so much concerned with the results as we are with the growth in consciousness that will make the results abiding.

This health law is threefold: spiritual, keeping a person assured of his God-given freedom from all anxiety and worry and fear and lack; mental, giving him the intelligence that enables him always to do that which promotes health and success; physical, forming those habits which keep him making the right use of all his faculties, and powers, and the life energy and substance.

There is a tendency these days to disregard the harmonious combination of these three elements, one person being very careful to observe the spiritual, another being attentive to the mental, and a third seeking to accomplish results through the physical. Our work is to unify these three and to bring our students into the understanding application of the Truth of being.

One who remembers and lives by the spiritual promises of the law of health will not worry, or seek to manage other people’s affairs, or neglect to feed his own soul with that which is necessary to keep it unfolding Christward.

One who is aware of the mental side of his health seeks to keep himself free from the limitations of the race mind, the opinions and demands of others, the depressions and hurried attitudes that keep the Christ ideas from finding perfect expression through his thoughts and acts.

One who is determined that his physical life shall show forth the peace and order of the spiritual reality and the divine intelligence is considerate of his body, and careful in his demands upon it. He sees to it that he understands the physical requirements and that he meets these thoughtfully and lovingly every day.

So you see there is more to our Silent Unity ministry than a formula of words to be said at intervals! We want to help you to live the Christ life here and now, which means to live a life of understanding trust in the good; of joyous activity, mental and physical; of freedom from fear and worry; of loving contact with your fellows, without anxiety as to their apparent shortcomings or selfishness. So we ask you to consider prayerfully the following explanation of your being, and to seek to incorporate an understanding of it in your consciousness, using it in your daily living.

Being threefold, spirit, soul, body, we find that our expression also is threefold, the harmonious and constructive unfoldments are threefold, and the things that we term undesirable and imperfect and destructive are threefold also. For example, joyous radiant health is the result of the right spiritual viewpoint, the daily purposeful effort to unfold the faculties and soul qualities, and the daily recognition of the body as the temple of God and the structure that Spirit and soul are building, all these prompting us to give careful attention to the needs of the system. And weakness, or sickness, or inharmony, or imperfection in the organism, is the result of some failure to identify oneself with God, the divine source, and understand how to lay hold of and express one’s inheritance of spiritual powers; some limitation in the soul’s development of its riches; some ignorance of the body’s requirements and disregard of the divine law of life and health.

Definite study and training are required for righteous expression of our threefold nature. The study and training should be more thorough than are our first lessons in life, because we are dealing with advanced stages of the same thing. Because of lack of understanding much must be done over and changed. So if we would have the full, free use of our senses and our organs, we must get at the causes of the inharmonies, remove them, and establish a new and perfect pattern and plan of action. We do this by remembering that we are God’s children, that He has created us perfect, and that there is a law established within us that will keep us unfolding harmoniously if we will but recognize it.

We who have begun it find this study of the Truth of being and the science of living much more fascinating than any school course.

To know how to hear with the mind, and to discern and discriminate between the true and real and worth-while and that which is mere foolishness and the clatter of elementals not yet organized under law; and to realize that one may be obedient and receptive without giving up one’s own right to freedom of choice and action, is a real accomplishment.

To know how to see with the mind, to discern and to understand that which the nerves and cells of the sight organs report without being disturbed by the masses of manifest substance and the actions of those about one, gives real joy and poise. And the eyes themselves are kept strong and steady and equal to the work for which they were formed.

To know how to detect that which is adverse and not for one’s good and to refuse to bother oneself about the seeming errors, so that the mind may be free to think out and to register only good, and the nose (the organ that the mind has built to-help it in its work of taking in that which is required and of leading the body into pleasant experiences only) may be kept clean and open and keen to respond.

To realize that one has God-given capacity for judging righteous judgment and to understand that this judgment can and will keep one from bitter experiences and enable one to discriminate in all things, is one of the greatest blessings we have. The faculty of judgment has built the sense of taste, and when we are giving the attention to this faculty that we should, our taste helps mightily in the care of our body.

There are the other senses, which are equally fascinating and perhaps more subtle. But this is enough to show just what we mean by spiritual study, which re-educates us and enables us to go on from where many of us have stopped.

* * *

Daily declare that your spiritual life and world, your mental life and world, your physical life and world are unified and that you are expressing harmoniously the ideas of the Christ mind on these three planes. Know that your everyday physical life can and should be inspired and happy and purposeful, yet not strained and tense, and that it is never necessary to do that which is harmful or weakening to any of the functions or organs in accomplishing what is right and just and worth while and expedient. As you practice mentally seeing God’s plan and world in your life, you will find that you are better poised, that you will do just the right thing, and that your body will be healthy.

The realm of mind is even more fascinating than the manifestation of its ideas. One who strikes a balance between the study of the mental side and the manifestations, and in living in his threefold being is truly blessed. He is free, and joyous, and can keep healthy and prosperous. The past does not worry him, the future does not entice him; he knows that a full measure of good is his, here and now. He profits by the past, glories in the now, and is fearlessly looking toward the future!