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Letters of Myrtle Fillmore (1936)


THE Unity teaching is based upon the Jesus Christ teaching, and naturally we advise all people to hold firmly and steadfastly to the principles taught and demonstrated by this first Christian metaphysician. We have found in Christianity rightly interpreted more Truth than in any of the other religions we have dipped into; consequently we advocate it.

We have found Jesus to be the Great Teacher, accessible to all who have faith in and understand the spiritual principles that He sets forth. Jesus as a superman is here in our midst and we can every one of us receive instruction direct from Him if we ask Him, and agree to carry out in our life what He teaches. So if we want all that is contained in Christianity, Mohammedanism, and every other religion or religious cult that came out of Christianity, we should ask Jesus about it and He will show us the Truth just as fast as we develop our own spiritual nature to the point where He can impart it to us. Jesus cannot reach the minds that are immersed in materialism. By those immersed in materialism we mean not only those who deal with the most material elements in the world but also those who have materialized Christianity.

To insure success and to inspire faith and confidence in ourselves and our undertaking, we should always have Christ as the source of our inspiration and prosperity. Our success and satisfaction in business, in home, in our social life is always greater when we take Christ Jesus as our partner; it is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Col. 1:27). Why not follow in the footsteps of One who has demonstrated and proved every step of the way?

* * *

God’s love for us, for all His children, is so great that He sent Jesus Christ to be the Way-Shower to lead us to a greater realization of our heavenly Father’s love and will for us. Jesus Christ is not merely a divine man who lived many centuries ago and whose life and works are to be considered past history. He is alive today. He is with us now. His words “Lo, I am with you always” (Matt. 28:20) is His living promise to each of us. The Christ presence within our own soul is the Great Physician who has wisdom and power to heal and to adjust in divine order every function of our body temple. Turning within to Him, we receive that guidance, that assurance, that healing for which our soul so longs, the prospering and success for which we not only long but so much need to express ourselves as a son of the Most High, heir to all that the Father has. Instead of thinking of the Lord as the personal Jesus Christ who is away at some distant place called heaven, we must begin to think of the Lord as our own God-given Christ mind, and of Jesus Christ as ever with us in the spiritual consciousness that He has established and that He has merged with the race mind in order that we may be in touch with Him and lay hold on Him and build our life according to His pattern.

There’s a distinction between Jesus Christ, the man, and the perfect-man idea that God has created and implanted in each of us, His children. The Christ mind is the crystal-clear mind that is not blurred by the “becoming” things of which the senses tell us, nor by the reports of the intellect which are records of man’s experiments day by day. The Christ mind gives us an idea in its entirety and then we work it out in our own consciousness and body and affairs.

For example, the Christ idea of love is given us, God love. Love unifies us with God, our source, and we know that we are good and true and fearless from within, because we let these God qualities well up from the center of our being. But love alone would not enable us to keep our balance; it would draw us here and there without regard to what we accomplished. And here is where we begin to see the difference between the man Jesus Christ as we know Him, and the men who have fallen so far short of what we term goodness and real power. Jesus exercised all the God qualities we have yet been able to discern in a masterly way. God love was expressed by Him; but it was supplemented and balanced by God wisdom, and power, and judgment, and will, and zeal, and life, and renunciation, and strength, and order, and imagination, and faith. Love drew Him to people; but good judgment held Him to a course of action that resulted in a success more far-reaching than any of us have yet realized.

Jesus is the individual who made the complete union of mind, soul, and body in Spirit. He brought forth into expression the Christ, the God-Mind within, and consciously indentified Himself with the Father. God is not a person; “God is Spirit.”

Jesus Christ has merged His wonderful consciousness with the race consciousness, that we may turn to Him and receive into our own mind the understanding of life and the activities of mind that result in freedom from the limitations of the race beliefs and the intellectual reasonings. We can each quicken our own Christ mind, by dwelling upon the Truth that we are one with Jesus Christ and one with God, through the understanding that Jesus the Christ helps us to unfold.