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Letters of Myrtle Fillmore (1936)


THERE is no such thing as a “disease” or incurable condition in the system. These activities, or weaknesses, or abnormalities to which the medical profession gives names are but the efforts of the God-given inner intelligence to deal with conditions that the individual has produced by his failure to understand the Truth and to recognize himself as the perfect child of God, and to live by the divine law of life. Anything that does not measure up to the Christ pattern of perfection can be changed. Anything that the ideas of God-Mind, expressing in the mind of man, has not produced can be dissolved into the original nothingness by the understanding application of the power of spiritual thought and the resultant spiritual action.

Doctors of course judge by appearances, founding their opinions upon the study of effects, and drawing their conclusions from the outworking of these mistakes which the patients have made.

No one who has awakened spiritually and is seeing his threefold being in the light of Truth would speak of disease as something of itself. He would not think for a moment that the mind was fixed in old race beliefs or errors, nor that his body was unresponsive to the’ Spirit.

So when anyone comes to us who has had a doctor diagnose his case, we ask him to turn deliberately from the doctor’s opinions and verdict and cease even to think of the name he gave to the condition that existed at the time of the examination and treatment. We ask him to cast out and forget the assumption that this condition would not be changed and done away with utterly, just as one would refuse to hold and to think of some unworthy and untrue thing that he might have heard spoken as he walked down the street.

Then he is to begin at once to rejoice that he is the offspring of God, that the life and the substance of his body and the perfect pattern of that life and body are gifts of God, gifts that are in reality inseparably one with His own being, the very essence of God life and God substance and God intelligence. It is God’s plan, you know, to have the creation picture forth, express, His own ideas, qualities, and being. And it is our purpose in being here to become conscious of and to express in our life the true pattern and qualities of our Father-Mother.

We know very well that God would not create a man with imperfections and shortcomings and diseased conditions. But we know also that He would not create automatons without free will and the privilege of exercising their powers of sonship. Just as we give our children—in our own thought of them and in our endeavors to have them live as they should that they may come forth clothed perfectly—the best that we can conceive, and then permit them to unfold their powers and faculties and their body temple as the inner intelligence and life prompts. We give them the best instruction we have to offer of course, but if we are wise, we permit the Spirit within them to develop the soul, that it may express the individual gifts.

So we accept the God-given perfection. We wave aside the past mistakes and the untrue suggestions, and fix undivided attention upon the Creator and the inner pattern of perfection. In this lies the success of spiritual treatment. We bring all the mental attitudes, and the centers of consciousness, and even the physical structures to this high place in mind, where we see as God sees and where we name all that is within us according to the patterns and uses for which these soul qualities and their out-picturing have been created.

Then we prayerfully consider all our living habits, to get a better understanding of their purposes, and to know whether or not they are really chording with the divine law of health. We consider whether or not we are worrying or fearing anything. We look back of the conscious mind into the realm of the subconsciousness, or memory, to determine whether there is anything that took place in the past that is continuing its disturbing influence through the unconscious expressions of mind. Much of the habit side of life is made up of these past experiences and trainings. Many things we do daily are not consciously thought out but are the continuation of something impressed upon us long ago.

* * *

So we rejoice and remember that we have the God power to change conditions, the God love to express Christlikeness, and we work lovingly and diligently with whatever we find in ourselves or our environment that falls short. Keeping the attention centered in the Christ mind, we are able to see beyond the appearances to the impulses of the soul, which is always urging us in our efforts to make use of what God has given. And to the degree that we let Christ be lifted up, in the same degree shall we rid ourselves of that which may have been pronounced incurable or may have seemed to us a disease that was incurable. Let us more and more remember that which Jesus Christ said, “With God all things are possible,” (Matt. 19:26) and let us listen until we hear within, “Is anything too hard for Jehovah?” (Gen. 18:14)

Any thought that is not based upon the eternal reality, Truth, really has no existence at all, so if we believe in disease we are believing in something that has no substance or reality. When we dissolve the belief out of our mind and in its place establish the realization of the one presence and power of Good, and exercise our faith in health as the one presence and power within us, we shall feel the conviction that we are the expression of the health that God is.

This powerful conviction of oneness with divine wholeness will become abiding—nothing can take it from us. “God is love,” and His love has cast out of the mind and heart all fear. There is no room for doubts and fears because God as love and health reigns supreme in us.

We set to work to change any and everything that we may find that does not measure up to the best that our new light shows us. We know that it is of much more importance to change and to do that which is really best for our progress and our health, than to be smugly consistent, or to make the excuse that we have always done a thing and that it is too late to change now. The moment we discover something undesirable in our mind or our life we should seek to make the changes necessary to bring the desirable into manifestation.