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Letters of Myrtle Fillmore (1936)


AN INDIVIDUAL who needs to realize and draw upon God’s light and life and power and substance for health and sustenance cannot make the grade so long as he is so situated that it is the way of least resistance to let others do for him that which they feel impelled, from love or any other motive, to do.

Each one of us is inseparably one with God, the source and substance of life and wisdom and every good. Each one must draw upon the source for his own sustenance, and for his own light, and for his own will power.

Parents too often claim the children who come to them as their own, and feel that they must think for them and do for them and take responsibilities for them. This is done until the child loses his God-given initiative and “lets down” and comes from habit to depend upon others. This thought grows up with him, but all the time he resents this state of affairs, yet he has not developed the ability to launch out for himself, nor does he know that he possesses latent wisdom to work out of his difficulties.

Here is where God as universal law steps in and takes a hand. Where there has been failure to know and to measure up to the divine plan of life, circumstances arise, experiences come that make it necessary for the individual concerned to pull apart and to rely more and more upon himself.

If these individuals will make the most of such opportunities, and seek to develop from within the latent God-given resources and abilities, they will swing clear of the old entanglements and dependencies, and learning to draw on the source, they will bring forth their own God-given good. If an individual fails to see wherein he has transgressed the law of life and omnipresent good, he will continue to claim responsibilities that are not his and burdens that he need not assume and that hinder his own progress. He may through special prayer and effort realize a measure of harmony and health, but he will not know the fullness of good until he recognizes God as the omnipresent life and substance, ready to meet the needs of all His children in the way of Spirit and without burden or worry to any of them. Truth means little until it is applied to individual cases and needs.

* * *

If a person would be healed and would keep getting younger and more vigorous and alert and ready for what the times demand of us, he must wake up and get out of the rut, change his habits, appropriate the life elements in food, in the sunshine, and especially in Truth statements, and prove that he is awake.

Instead of thinking about his apparent condition, or the race thought with which he may have been struggling, or his age, he is to concentrate all his attention upon God, that he may become so aware of His presence and His perfect pattern of life and His qualities that he will forget old errors, and dissolve the conditions that he himself has built up from dependence on something or somebody outside himself.

* * *

God is the one perfect life flowing through us. God is the one pure substance out of which our organism is formed. God is the power that gives us motive power; the strength that holds us upright and allows us to exercise our members; the wisdom that gives us intelligence in every cell of our organism, every thought of our mind. God is the only reality of us; all else is but a shadow that is cast by some foolish belief or unwise combination of thoughts and the elements of being. When we let light flood us with its sunshine, all clouds vanish and we begin to see ourselves in new ways of doing, which lead to wholeness and health and real satisfaction and growth.

The free flow of God’s life through us becomes hindered in its expression if our thoughts and acts imply a belief in a limited number of years, in a hoarding of strength or substance or supply. We must prove our faith in God as omnipresent good and eternal life.

God in the midst of us is a great steady stream of renewing and cleansing and vitalizing life, and we can have the use of this life if we will open up the channels of its flowing and ourselves draw from this source.

* * *

God has put in each of us the germ of immortality which will bring forth of its kind. “Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit.” (Matt. 7:17)

So within us is this almightiness, like God, that we must co-operate with. As we do really co-operate with the Spirit of God in fulfilling His plan in us, all that is within us bursts into the beauty of wholeness.

The moment a person yields his self to Godlikeness, he is letting the Spirit of God burst the shell of doubt and fear, and the light of faith reveals to him the light of life. He becomes conscious of the joy of life, the joy of life in himself and in every one else.

Yielding self means giving up the old concepts of the past; forgetting ourselves and our human desire to come forth and just rejoicing that all God’s creation does constantly spring forth in newness of life and light and joy and service. When we forget our own desires and really devote ourselves to doing what God would have done, this moment and constantly, we shall find that there is no limit whatsoever to the strength we have and the things we can do. We have yielded ourselves to the source and entered into a oneness that in itself makes us receptive to all that the source is and holds.

* * *

All God’s blessings are for every child of the Father, and each individual should learn to receive direct from his indwelling source. Every individual has to live his own life and draw for himself upon the life, substance, health, strength that are waiting to be brought forth. No one can eat any one’s food for him, or breathe for him; neither can one person express the indwelling life and health for another. Each one of us must draw upon the source of these things for himself. Blessed are we when we recognize that this is the way of receiving, and do it.