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Ed Rabel Christian Healing Video Lecture Five

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Lecture Notes:

Lecture notes are not yet available. If you listen to this lecture and are willing to take notes then I will publish them here. Lecture notes are short paragraphs that begin with the minute:second place in the lecture, followed by a few sentences that describe what Ed Rabel has said. Lecture notes are extremely important for several reasons:
  1. First, when you take notes you will solidify your understanding of this lecture. That's obvious.
  2. Second, lecture notes enable Google and other search engines to know about the content of this lecture. When a search engine knows about the content of a lecture then it is able to return this page when someone on the Internet does a search for that content.
  3. Third, lecture notes are a gift to your friends in Unity. They let those who happen upon this page to know if watching the video will be helpful and to know at what point to start listening.

So, if you have been blessed by the content of this lecture, please consider taking lecture notes and sending them to me. It's part of the giving and receiving process. The blessing will be yours.

Thanks so much!
Mark Hicks