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Ed Rabel Christian Healing Video Lecture One

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Lecture Notes:

Introduction 0-16:50 This was Charles Fillmore's earliest book ( published 1909 ) his first serious attempt to write down and organize the spiritual Realizations that were coming to him. By today's standards he had little formal education. He concentrated his reading on the Bible, the works of William Shakespeare, Emerson's essays and later in life the works of Emmett Fox.

1:30 Ed Rabel's entry into the post W.W. 2 Ministerial training program under the auspices of Silent Unity. His association with Unity workers who had personally known Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and their sharing of notes and memories with him.

8:19 As Charles Fillmore grew older he changed, in his lectures, some of the wording in his earlier printed material. Not to contradict it but to expand on the meaning.

9:28 Discussion of the presentation style of Charles Fillmore. At first contact with his writing many people are turned off as they find it difficult to understand. But those who persevere come to greatly appreciate his spiritual genius. He spoke in blocks of words with little inflection, intonation or punctuation. It was Cora Fillmore who edited the material for smooth reading and easier appreciation of the content.

14:27 Many scholars of Charles Fillmore's works agree that in the book Christian Healing he had written everything he knew about metaphysics. Later works were variations and compilations of this knowledge. The first five chapters are the core of the book and form the discussion of this series of lectures. Christian Healing is not so much a book about physical healing ( as is Jesus Christ heals) but is a book about building a greater consciousness.

16:40 Chapter One - "The True Character of Being" The lawful truths of Spirit are more scientific than the constantly shifting opinions based on intellectual standards. .. the only real science is the science of Spirit, but one must be in the Spirit before one can understand the science of Spirit." So let it be understood that we are teaching the science of Spirit, and that those who are receptive to the teaching will be inspired to spiritual consciousness (awareness ) We are teaching the science of Spirit, the study of Divine Ideas."

18:00 Spiritual Awakening. When we begin to Realize in both mind and heart, that is thinking and feeling, that there is a Power and Intelligence which is Omnipresent and always greater than anything that is, including oneself.

20:48 Spiritual Oneness. The example of Jacobs dream of the ladder as the first example in the Bible of a Realization of Omnipresence.

23:00 Prayer and Healing. No prayer can change God. Prayer conditions our consciousness and the good comes forth. What can be higher than the science of the Universal Life Principle? Prayer consciousness precedes scientific discoveries. It is always ahead of and above present technology. It is prayer that moves technology forward. Prayer without ceasing.

31:35 Oneness defined. The starting point in Spiritual Realization is a right understanding of that One designated as the Almighty. Absolute Good. God as One not in the numerical one.It is similar to "only".God is Spirit Omnipresent.

33:25 Characteristics of the Parent. "Since man is the offspring of the Almighty he must have the character of his Parent." Later in life Charles Fillmore, while teaching from this book, revised the wording. He said "... he must have some of the characteristics even if he does not display them. Point of contact - "...It is only necessary to find the point of contact in order to understand the One in whom we all live and move and have our being. Mr.Fillmore later identified the name of this point of contact as "NOW" and the point of contact itself is called the Christ Within." Mental Propositions/Spiritual Principles- By holding on to the Spiritual Principle and insisting upon it's accuracy, you open the way to a fuller understanding of it and the Principle itself will show you the cause of any error or shortcomings in demonstration. Mans changing consciousness. - Man's consciousness has changed from simply observing facts and reacting to them to observing anf reacting to his consciousness itself. This is a fourth dimensional development. Man's mind can be involved in creating new facts, new sciences. Error is not corrected by searching for error. In contrast to mental propositions, in Spiritual science it is corrected by staying with the Spiritual Principle. That is what is meant by "single eye" and " repentance ".

45: Super consciousness - Spirit is all sides. When you give total commitment to Spirit, the super conscious is man's only sure guide in the mazes of the creative thought process - if you really trust Spirit, it will always show you what can be done. Affirm "Knowing " Knowing is a Divine Idea. Knowledge is content. Super consciousness in man "knows " the logic of Being and Creation. All that needs to be known on our level of existence for Gods Divine Plan in our life. Super consciousness, it's activity or response to our spiritual commitment, will result in outer phenomenona, outer manifestations which will appear to be the source of new knowledge for us but is really but an outer representation or replay of what has already occurred within.

50: - Central Proposition - The central proposition in the Inspiration of Spirit is that God or Primal Cause is Good.Although the greatness of Absolute Being is true yet the smallness of that same Being is also evidenced in it's Life in the most insignificant of creations. God created wholeness complete.God is depersonalized as abstract Almightyness. Then let God thought enter yoursphere of consciousness, your home, until it becomes more and more personal, until it becomes "Father ".

53: God is not far away - God is not far away or distant. His abode is in the Spiritual realms that underlie all creative forces in the invisible side of man's nature. Faith is only really faith when it is placed in the invisible powers of Being or Spirit. Where is the invisible side of man's nature? The kingdom of God is within you.

55: Definition of Christ - Christ is the Divine Ideas which contains all Divine Ideas.

56:20 - Evolution and True Desire - The power that creates the Universe includes in it's activity the creating and sustaining of man.This the reason for this particular universe.True desires are lawful. The desire to help and sustain .Desire for good generates the necessary energy for continued evolution. Desire changes Divine Ideas into your life experience. The energies are converted from idea or meaning of the pattern to experience and mind is the connecting link between our human existence and God Ideas.

Lecture Notes by Ceilidh Mckay on August 29, 2016.