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Unity Wings

Hi Friends —

Unity Wings is the name I have given to a proposed course of study and school based on the Unity Correspondence School.

The following materials are remnants of an effort I made back in 2012 to teach the Unity Correspondence School lessons. I abandoned the effort because it was more important for me to develop TruthUnity. We are now (2017) at a time when many visitors to TruthUnity are asking for an extensive program of study in Unity foundational teachings. I am presently developing a self-study edition of Lessons in Truth. My hope is that Unity Wings will be relaunched at some point. If you have ideas about how Unity's Correspondence School lessons may be provided as a foundational course of study of Unity's teaching, please contact me.

Mark Hicks
February 2017

When the first three lessons were given in early 2012, I gave them the name Unity Wings. Unity Wings is my vision of study groups forming to learn and apply all eighteen lessons of the original Unity Correspondence School.

Unity Wings is a class that covers Series One and Series Two of the Unity Correspondence Course over a three-year period.

The original Unity Society Correspondence School consisted of two courses, Series 1 (also known as the "Beginner's Course" having six lessons) and Series 2 (known as the "Advanced Course" having twelve lessons). Each lesson consisted of a manuscript and twenty annotations. Combined, there were eighteen lessons with approximately 20 annotations each, giving a total number of 230 annotations. The Annotations for each lesson are covered at approximately five annotations per week, allowing for a typical lesson of 20 annotations to be addressed in one month.

Here is the anticipated schedule:

Unity Wings Schedule
Session Materials Topics
Fall: Sept, Oct, Nov Series 1, Lessons 1-3 Prayer, Healing, Prosperity
Winter: Jan, Feb, Mar Series 1, Lessons 4-6 Body of Christ, Overcoming, Demonstration
Fall: Sept, Oct, Nov Series 2, Lessons 1-3 God, Christ, Man
Winter: Jan, Feb, Mar Series 2, Lessons 4-6 Thoughts, Affirmations, The Word
Fall: Sept, Oct, Nov Series 2, Lessons 7-9 Prayer, Faith, Imagination
Winter: Jan, Feb, Mar Series 2, Lessons 10-12 Will & Understanding, Judgment, Love