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Points for Members of Silent Unity


Points for Members of Silent Unity


"Let Your Light Shine"

By Leo Virgo.

DEAR UNITY: — Your little paper is a great comfort and help to me, but I have talked with some Theosophists, who claim to know somewhat of the potency of these silent occult forces, and they say it is not well to sit in silence at the time so many are sitting, as there will of necessity be many who are in error and people lay themselves open to draw around them forces which are not desirable; that we do not understand these powers and forces, and we are as likely to bring harm as otherwise. W. Q. Judge, of the Path, also says a great deal with regard to the fallacy and harm of mental treatments, claiming that we have no right to enter another person's inner life, etc., etc. I wish some one who has studied and knows something of these powers, apart from the Christian Science view, would answer this. I should think Leo Virgo might be competent to. I am quite earnest to have this made clear as soon as possible. — From a subscriber and earnest seeker for Truth.

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating," says the ancient adage, and it is quite applicable to the Society of Silent Unity. In an experience of three years in the active work of this society, I have yet to learn that a single member has suffered any of the dangerous things pointed out by our Theosophical friends.

All members of this society understand that it is based upon a universal principle of intelligence known to us as the Spirit of Truth. That this Spirit comes to our consciousness from the within, and that it only comes in response to our strong affirmations of those attributes which we know to be its inherencies. The class thought, given each month is representative of this. This positive attitude of mind externalizes about each member a like thought-atmosphere, which in time becomes a strong armor of protection. After sustaining this positive attitude of mind for a short time each evening in the silence our members find that they are strengthened in many ways and are able to throw off with greater ease than formerly all reflected thoughts. We have the record of several who were mediums, but are now never controlled by any external influence.

From ten to twenty letters a day are received at headquarters from those who have held the class thought with us before making themselves known as members, and with but few exceptions they express themselves as having been helped in both mind and body. Those who write that they see no change in their condition are almost invariably mentally lazy, and are expecting the other members of the society to help them out of their inertia without any effort on their part. It is true that such people are now and then helped, but it is only temporary.

This society is an aggregation of people who know the law of mental action, or are learning it, from its positive side, and they have combined for protection against outside destructive race beliefs. They are not subjects of the law, but masters. They are not aggressive and do not dominate or dictate to any, but knowing the truth that sin, sickness, death, poverty, or any failure to realize here and now their highest ideals, are shortcomings, they assert their inherent rights and proceed at once to lift themselves out of these inert states of consciousness.

I was myself a very earnest student of Theosophy for several years, and quite familiar with its literature, and found much truth therein. I am also personally acquainted with several who are considered in the inner circle of the Theosophical Society in America. I have studied them carefully, both from the exoteric and esoteric standpoints. One especially, who was of the first members of the society in America and who is now right in the front of the work, is a near friend. I love him dearly because he is honest, and generous in thought, act and deed. He has spent years in the study of Sanscrit, and has at his tongue's end the sacred writings of the Hindus. He has also developed quite remarkable occult powers. Yet I must in candor say that he has failed to make a practical application of his knowledge. When sick he resorts to drugs for relief. He is quite frequently low spirited — indulges in the "blues." When asked why he does not bring his power to bear and throw off these spells he says they are the result of his Karma, and that it would not be right to interfere. I fail to distinguish the difference between this state of consciousness and that of the Christian who attributes all his ills to the will of God.

I know it is not fair to cite a single person's short-comings as representative of many, but I have found that the points named are characterestic of the Theosophical Society as a whole. The fact is that they are so loaded up with head learning that, they overlook the primary steps of existence. Instead of realizing that man can by mental application wipe out his present conditions and make now a new environment, they stand trembling in awe at an awful Karma which they made in some past life.

Of course we recognize that as a man sows so shall he also reap, but we deny that he has to wait until the crop gets ripe before he can cut it down. The thrifty husbandman pulls weeds daily. What a man plants he can pluck. We are sowing seeds in our mental garden constantly and they are also constantly coming to fruition. The ego that sows can also pluck if it wills; and whenever it wills.

Theosophy as inculcated by the modern school makes of Karma a great Moloch that saps all the joy of life. In every instance where I have mentally analyzed one in sympathy with their teachings I have found fear to be predominant. Anyone who studies their literature will readily see that fear of the Karmic law is much more frequently cited as a motive for right doing than love.

This "Karmic law" belongs to the same family as the orthodox devil and the consciousness of fear which it sets up is as equally paralyzing in its effects. It is well known to metaphysicians that the dominant idea held in mind tinctures with its reflection all other ideas. Thus the fear of Karmic law casts its shadow over the whole mentality, and cuts off the bold, strong, cleansing Spirit that is ever ready to spring up within us and instantly right every error if we will but let it. It rests entirely with us.

To hold in mind, images of great periods of time burdens the consciousness with extension long drawn out. Theosophists, in their study of Buddhism, load their minds up with intricate schemes of creation extending over periods of time beyond computation. One manvantara covers millions upon millions of years and the creative process is so vast and grand that when we contemplate it from our present plane of consciousness we shrink into such insignificance that it takes a strong mental effort to make ourselves believe that we are "in it" at all. Through the habit of contemplating the vast universe outside of himself man dwarfs the great universe within himself. Instead of seeing himself a Mahatma — a great soul — now, he postulates it as a consummation to be attained after many incarnations. Also instead of seeing that the Karma that man makes to-day is followed by an effect to-morrow, or next year, its consummation is put off to another incarnation. In the same way the ills or goods that come to one in this life are referred to a former incarnation for their cause. Thus the idea reflected in mentality of long periods of time acts as a stretcher to the things of the moment. This leads to a dogged submission to Fate with the hope that she will be kinder the next time she plants us in matter. In this way our Theosophical friends give themselves up to something outside of themselves which they term Karmic Law. This law of sequences is preached to them so largely, and the abrogating power so sparingly, that they weave about themselves a mental atmosphere that growls "beware!" or like a Karmic spook, belches "booh!" every time they turn a mental corner.

Right along in this line of fear they dwell much on the danger from the "astrals," "elementals," and "elementaries," yet they say that the astral is a powerless "shell" and the elementals the inner life of nature. They admit that these are all subject to the man centered in himself and and will do his bidding.

The self-centered man is he who concentrates his mind upon the God within him and denies that any power without can effect him. He knows that there is but one power in the Universe and that he is the focus of that power. What other men have worked out through their unity with this power is not a copy which he is to follow — it is merely suggestive. If some ego has created or is now creating a universe of worlds and systems through this mighty power, it not worth his while to neglect his own development in the study of that which in his present realization he cannot comprehend.

Besides, in that study, he sets up a rule of conduct for himself — forgetting that God's great delight in creation is diversity and not similarity. Just to the extent that man copies or imitates what some other man has done he dwarfs the infinite plan patterned for himself. The study of history as precedent thus becomes a ball and chain to man's realization of the possibilities within himself. The man top-heavy with history always makes the high water mark of achievement right where it shows on some ancient tree of life. If we guage our spiritual development by Hindu adepts or Bible prophets we make for ourselves the same limitations. Jesus Christ saw this and said, "Ye shall do these and greater" (John 14:12).

I do not call attention to these short-comings in Theosophy in a spirit of wholesale condemnation, for I know that they have concepts of principles that cannot be left out of a correct understanding of existence, but these concepts as a whole lack the warmth and loving presence of a living God. They are above all contemplators of law and are but one degree removed in this respect from the materialistic school.

Any philosophy of life that places man in bondage to law is pernicious in the ultimate. Entire freedom will never come to the race until we realize, and act as if we realized, that man is individualized God.

God does not make laws for nor rule over man through any external environment. Man makes his own environment through the images which he holds in mind. It is true those images are potential in God, but never become active in externality except through the thinking power centered in man. Thus the consciousness that our environment is not what we would wish carries with it the ability to erase and build anew right up to our highest ideals. The plea that the law now operative is stronger than the individual is an excuse of the mentally lazy. Each of us helps to sustain existing laws of every description, and the same mental energy put forth in the spirit of understanding will renovate the individual environment, and also have its effect upon the thought aggregate too far reaching to estimate.

We must understand that thinking is not a vague, indefinite, incomprehensible will-o'-the wisp which we cannot control or direct. Thinking is a process that ultimates in dynamic vibration, and the "thought stuff" can be sensed and seen on its plane just as plainly as the current generated by the electric dynamo. This is the symbol side of Divine Science, but it is also an essential side to those who have to do with it, for we never fully realize that the physical universe is mentally sustained until we see our thoughts going forth in form and becoming living, sentient parts of it.

The Unity Spirit — the Spirit of Truth — the Comforter and Helper — the Father-Mother Consciousness, offers you perfect security from "astrals," "elementals," and every fearful thing which the man in imagination separated from God can conjure up. All you need to do, is to hold yourself in love — the One Supreme Love. God is Love, and when you go into the Silence with the thought of God's Omnipresence you need have no fear of the result. Light gives no place to darkness and your realization of God's presence makes a light in your consciousness that puts out even the suggestion of darkness.

However, you are not to go into the Silence to mentally drift, but to become an emanating centre of light and love yourself. "Let your light shine." The class thought held persistently makes you a mental battery that connects by induction with other like batteries, and thus chains of positive mentality are formed into which no negative power can possibly enter. Do not join this society expecting to be helped unless you are willing to work mentally yourself. Negation is the symbol of death wherever you find it; action is the symbol of life, and life is joy.

I find that people feel more secure in taking the word of one who relates his actual experience, rather than a mere theorist, and I have reluctantly answered our correspondent's questions from that standpont. I have been an active member of the Silent Unity Society since its beginning and have studied assiduously its workings and the principle back of it. I have also been shown by the Spirit, in ways not necessary here to explain, that it, or similar societies of people trained in mental harmony, will form the basis of a new mentality for this planet, and that out of this will be constructed that harmonious civilization mystically called the "New Jerusalem."

No one seeking Truth with a pure motive need fear for one moment any pernicious effect from the Unity Spirit. Those who join the Society with selfish ends in view will not find it congenial. Our God is Spirit and we worship him in Spirit and in Truth. That is understandingly — knowing that our Spirit is one with his Spirit — the inlet and outlet of Infinite Love and Wisdom.

As to our correspondent's second question, I agree with our Theosophical friends that we have no right to enter the mentality of others without their full consent and cooperation. This is plainly taught in pure science.

A LETTER to Each Member of Silent Unity

Dear Friend:—

There is within you a Principle which will at your recognition spring forth and make your existence full of joy and happiness. This Principle is the source of your life, your health, your intelligence, your love; and you manifest It just in proportion to your acknowledgement of these qualities. This Principle is God. It is free to do as It wills and all of Its creations are like It in character. You are made in Its "image and likeness," consequently you are free. That is, God does not rule over you or make laws for you. You make your own laws and are governed by them. This God Principle is the source of the life and wisdom which you manifest, but you make your own combinations. If you have believed that you had life and wisdom independent of such a Cause, and have separated yourself in consciousness from this one source of all existence, and are suffering the consequences in mental inharmony and bodily discord, you can only find relief by again identifying yourself "with it. There is no other way under heaven because there is no other source of Life and Wisdom.

This Principle is Spirit and you can only come into relations with it through your Spirit. Another cannot do this for you; you must do it yourself, because by your word of acknowledgement you incorporate into yourself and make manifest this Principle. Jesus Christ called this principle the Father, and at the grave of Lazarus, before there was any manifestation of life, he recognized the necessity of the word of acknowledgement being first put forth, when he said: — "Father, I thank thee that thou heardest me and I know that thou hearest me always."

The only difference between you and Jesus is that he had absolute faith that the Father Principle would respond to his word. He recognized that his great faith was a strong incentive to those who lacked it hence he said: — "He who puts faith in me, the works that I am doing he also shall do; and greater than these shall he do" (John 14:12). That is, you are to hold him as your ideal of faith in asking by remembering that the Father did whatever he requested. In this respect he is the mediator between the Father Principle and those who have in consciousness separated themselves from it. Jesus also said that the Father would send in his name a Helper or Comforter, who would lead into all Truth, and remind you of all that he said. It is very important to know that the Spirit of Truth simply reminds you of the Christ possibilities within yourself. God did not create you a puppet or music box. Not at all. You are His perfect expression, consequently just as free in your acts as the Father, and he never interferes with your will. He loves you dearly, as Jesus said, and seeks to endow you with all that He has, that your joy may be full. All that your Father has is yours now, but you must make it manifest by your word. There is no other way.

Thus to show forth these possibilities of health, strength, prosperity and fullness of joy, you must by your word acknowledge them as yours now, then the Spirit of Truth abides with you and drops down to you each day some new and more beautiful ideal for your achievement.

The only object and aim of this Society is to get people to place themselves mentally where the Spirit can suggest the Truth to them, then they must take up these suggestions and incorporate them into their own lives by their word; that is, by saying mentally or audibly, whether they feel it or not, "I am strong and well;" "I am free from these appearances of sickness, poverty or sin;" "I am loving and kind;" "I am pure and holy in thought, act and deed;" "I am intelligent and wise;" "I am brave and fearless;" "I am just and truthful;" "I am patient and humble;" "I am one with Thee, O Mighty Counselor; Thy Wisdom, Life, Love, Health and Truth is now manifest in me, and I do acknowledge Thee in all my ways."

Now those who hold this Jesus Christ ideal constantly before them, and affirm both silently and audibly that what he manifested can be manifested by all, thereby become themselves the Helper, the Comforter, and they emanate an invisible life substance that connects and helps to free from beliefs of sickness and other errors all those who are holding such thoughts. This substance is itself an active principle and forms currents of vivic life and intelligence that flow into the minds of all who make themselves receptive to them by the right mental attitude. This is the Advocate, the Loving Spirit of Truth, and we all add to its volume and send out upon its bosom the thoughts that uplift and make free when we hold in consciousness and affirm in strong words our highest concepts.

It is an axiom in metaphysics that all ideas held in mind sooner or later picture themselves forth in condition or form. Thus your external life with all its details is a picture painted by thinking.

It may not be all of your own painting because you may be showing forth defects of heredity or race thinking, but you are responsible because you have allowed your mind to accept them as true and necessary environment.

Now that you know the law of manifestation you can paint the picture anew in brighter colors by holding the right ideals in mind.

Do not forget that all the qualities and powers that Jesus Christ manifested are within you waiting the word to show them forth. Let your words be based upon the high ideals which he taught; and all things shall be possible unto your speaking. He said; "If perchance ye abide in me, and MY SAYINGS in you abide, whatsoever ye desire, ask: and it shall be brought to pass for you" (John 15:7).

This Father Principle which Jesus of Nazareth manifested is your real self, and the only object in remembering the man Jesus is that we may not lower our standard of achievement. We are very apt to fall into established ruts in our thinking and attach an allegorical meaning to the teachings of Christ, hence we study the scriptures and keep before us the fact that this Father Principle latent in each of us manifested itself in a most practical way through Jesus of Nazareth, and he was careful to state that those who believed should even excel him in achievements.

Jesus Christ recognized the power of co-operative thought when he said "when two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them" (Matt. 18:20). The Society of Silent Unity is composed of those who recognize the potency for good in this high ideal, and each for himself accepts it for his Helper and Comforter, and realizing the power of mind to manifest its ideas, holds it constantly before him, in connection with the class thought given each month in the columns of UNITY.

As a member of this Society you are expected to become an emanating centre for this Spirit of Truth, which the Father pours out through you in the name of his ideal Son. Jesus Christ.

You are to remember that this Father Principle is no respecter of persons and that whatsoever any one can or has done you can do.

You are expected to preach this gospel, heal the sick and raise the dead. All things are possible to them that believe, and you have an example before you of one who did all these and he said that you should do all that he did and even greater.

At the hour of nine o'clock every evening you are expected to sit and hold in silent thought for not less than fifteen minutes the words which are given as the "class thought" for each month. You can extend the time of your silence just as long as you wish, and you will find that after the spiritual connection with the Unity Current has been made by holding the class thought, that you can send out upon the bosom of this great river of light and love healing and uplifting messages to whomsoever you wish.

Do not be anxious about results. If you are in earnest in your seeking, and faithful to the silent hour, you shall be lifted out of every belief of sorrow and sickness and your mind created anew. You may not from day to day notice the change that is going on but you will find in time that the new ideas are gradually transforming your life and bringing into it the harmony and good for which you have longed. If you have joined this society with a view of being helped yourself remember that your liberation will come quicker if you forget your own ills in your efforts to help others.

Your reward will be just in proportion to your faithfulness. Your talent is your True Word, to which the Father Principle will always respond, and every word of Truth that you send forth will be increased many hundred fold.

"Not for these, however, am I making request, alone; but, also, for those who put faith, THROUGH THEIR WORD, in me: in order that all may be one — according as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee — in order that they too in us may be: in order that the world may have faith that thou didst send me forth. And I have given to them the glory which thou hast given to me; that they may be one, according as we are one; I in them and thou in me; that they may be perfected into one: that the World may understand that thou didst send me forth, and didst love them according as thou didst love me." (John 17:23).

(All quotations are from Rotherham's translation of the New Testament.)

NOTE. — There are no fees or dues of any kind connected with the Society of Silent Unity. Those who are moved by the Spirit to contribute do so cheerfully, and it is received thankfully.

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