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Mysteries of Genesis

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

A Spiritual Interpretation of the Book of Genesis

Written by:

Charles Fillmore1
Unity School of Christianity

Here's something we all need to hear:

I'm Jehovah, this I know
For the Bible tells me so.
I'm not Adam, I'm not Eve,
They are just a phase of me.

If you've clicked either of the above links, then you see that Mysteries of Genesis has been segmented into fifty short and easy-to-read summaries. Those who use the MBD on TruthUnity will now see that each chapter in Genesis now has a link in the upper right corner to Charles Fillmore's metaphysical interpretation.

Mysteries of Genesis screenshot

The first eleven of those summaries correspond to Eleanor Fleming's live, ongoing series, Language of the Soul, which continues on Thursday nights at 8pm ET and 5pm PT. Eleanor weaves the allegories of Genesis to our inner experience in such a beautiful way. The chatbox lit-up last Thursday with lots of comments. Join us tomorrow night!

Eleanor's class and Mysteries of Genesis bring home the great message of Jesus, perceived by the Fillmores and taught by Unity teachers for over 130 years:

You are not Adam and you are not Eve.
You are Jehovah, the image and likeness of God.
You are not born in sin, you are born of God.
The serpent is not out there, so quit looking for him.

Instead, look this day to the divine ideas that God is expressing each moment in you and commit to fully manifesting them in all phases of your life today.


  1. In his Old Testament Lectures (Topic 16, Cain and Abel), Ed Rabel remarked: "Now, in the book, Mysteries of Genesis, whose author was supposed to be Charles Fillmore, but he only wrote the first chapter and parts of the second chapter, and then he kind of oversaw the production of the rest of the book. You’ll find that after the second chapter there is a definite change in the quality of the explanatory remarks."