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About Unity Tracts

About Unity Tracts

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It just may be that the humble tract is the most powerful tool we have for changing our thoughts and for reaching out to people. They are inexpensive to produce, easy to disseminate and quickly read. They're there when we need them - when we're bored, when we're confused and when we're troubled.

A little history about Unity Tracts

Here are two things that you should know about Unity tracts ...

First, in The Household of Faith (The Story of Unity), James Dillet Freeman wrote that in 1897 the Fillmores changed the name of the Unity Book Company to The Unity Tract Society in order to "relieve the Publication Department of the appearance of a commercial venture." Freeman quotes Charles Fillmore as saying "The dollar tag has been so persistently hung onto this movement in its various departments that it has become known to the public at large as a new system of therapeutics, with the usual financial appendix, instead of a religion. That people may more fully understand that there is no element of financial gain in our Publication Department we purposely adopted the word "tract," which is a synonym of religious literature issued without the idea of gain. This is not a business, but a ministry." (pp.70-71)

Second, at least as late as 1924, the main purpose of Unity tracts was not to evangelize or even to inform the public, rather they were written and printed to guide Silent Unity workers in how they might respond to requests for prayer. In a book printed that year entitled Unity Tract Index - A Guide For the Study of Unity Tracts (available below), Unity said "most of our tracts were printed primarily for the use of Silent Unity in instructing those who ask this Society for its help in overcoming ills and inharmonies of various kinds ... the tracts indexed in this book are those that are used daily in our Silent Unity work."

Try it now ...

select one and then right click on the link and download it on your computer. Know that in this moment you are only the latest of millions of people who have been guided and uplifted by Unity's simple tracts. Print out the one you chose and carry it around with you for a week. Let these simple messages of healing and prosperity become part of you. Then give the printout to a friend or leave it in a conspicuous place. Unity is really a simple religion, isn't it?

Send me stuff...

do you have any of these old tracts that Unity published years ago? If so, would you make a clean scanned image of it and and email it to me or make a good photocopy and mail it to me? It's all about flow and the Law of Giving and Receiving. I'll post it here and you will have extended the reach of Unity's work.

Thank you!

As Charles said about our beautiful movement, it's not a business, but a ministry.