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Christmas Greetings from Charles Fillmore

Christmas 1947

Charles Fillmore Christmas Greetings 1947
Christmas 1947

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Christmas, 1947

Dear Folks—

At the very beginning of this letter I was warned "But let your speech be Yea, yea and Nay, nay."

There are so many things I would like to discuss with you! What does the Lord say about the signs of the times, will there be another war? How about the prophets who say that our civilization is about to end?, etc.

Frankly, I have had no direct revelation on any of these points. I only know that our God, who controls this world through His people, is greater and far more powerful than all the destructive forces of the universe, and that if only a few of us stand steadfastly for truth and righteousness they will prevail, and our civilization go right formed to its fulfillment in the Millennium.

United in this truth we shall have a Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year.

In the Unity of the Spirit
   Yours faithfully,
      Charles Fillmore