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Take Back the Bible

Mark Hicks

December 2014.

Take Back the Bible is a series of projects on TruthUnity to encourage scholars and students to study the Bible metaphysically. There are two phases of this project:

  1. The present projects are focused on getting most of Unity's Bible resources online. When they are online, they become accessible in three ways: they are linked to the particular chapter they reference (explained below), they then become searchable through Google and also become searchable in the box you see at the top of this page.
  2. Future projects will focus on how we, as a community, can partner in ways that promote metaphysical Bible interpretation. This will likely include a "sermon bank," a forum to discuss Bible passages and perhaps an online, peer-reviewed journal for metaphysical Bible study.

Here is what has been accomplished:

  1. The ASV Bible has been hyperlinked to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary (MBD) and the Revealing Word (RW). For example, go to Genesis, chapter one. Notice that many words are hyperlinked, such as God, earth, light, firmament, day, night. Each of these links take you directly to the entry in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.
  2. Bible interpretations are linked with the chapter of the Bible they interpret. For example, go to the Gospel of John, Chapter 3. Notice in the upper right corner there are links under a heading "Interpretations for john-3." Those are the interpretations. So, as you browse the ASV Bible, you not only have hyperlinks to the MBD and the RW, you also have links to interpretations.
  3. Ed Rabel's Old Testament and New Testament lectures is completed. These special talks, given in 1975 and 1976 are absolutely unique metaphysical interpretations.

See the links to the right for a list of our Metaphysical Bible Interpretation (MBI) Resources. The most notable resource are the 2,400 pages of Unity Bible Lessons (1895-1965) uploaded here, sorted and linked by Bible chapter.

We have one project in process (on hiatus):

Transcribing the Ferrar Fenton Bible, which was repeatedly quoted by Charles Fillmore. The Fenton Bible is a unique resource for metaphysical Bible students. For example, look at what he has done with The Lord's Prayer. We need to get the full, searchable text of Charles' favorite Bible out on the net. NOTE: (APRIL 2015): I've got overrun and had had to hold off uploading new transcriptions.

I have written a short jingle, you may recognize the tune:

I'm Jehovah, this I know
  For the Bible tells me so.
I'm not Adam, I'm not Eve
  Those are just a phase of me

Too many people think they are Adam or Eve. Let's change that. Let our churches become welcome spaces for people who are looking for a better understanding. Add a comment below to share your ideas about how we can take back the Bible.