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Metaphysical meaning of tomb (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of tomb (rw)
tomb of Joseph of Arimathea--A tomb is a resting place; Arimathea represents an aggregation of thoughts of lofty character, a high state of consciousness in man; Joseph represents a state of consciousness in which we are improving spiritually.

The tomb where Jesus was laid to rest represents an elevated, peaceful state of consciousness in which He rested the three days previous to His resurrection. The word of Truth within Jesus did not die, but was quietly spreading from point to point during this period, getting ready for the supreme test: the overcoming of the appearance of death. For us, the tomb represents a high state of consciousness in us in which we improve in character along all lines. We not only grow into a broader understanding but also we increase in vitality and substance. We are resting in God, and at the same time gathering strength for the power of greater demonstrations to follow. In this state of consciousness the word of Truth is not idle, but quietly spreading. This process continues until the whole consciousness is vitalized by the Holy Spirit.

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