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Metaphysical meaning of Logos (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Logos (mbd)
Logos, log'-os, (Gk.).

Meta. "As used in John 1:1 it means the Word, symbolically referring to the creative law-giving, revealing activity of God," says Fallows.

In the Emphatic Diaglott, Logos is left unchanged in the first chapter of John where in other translations of the New Testament the term "Word" appears. The texts thus given read as follows: "In the Beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. This was in the Beginning with God. Through it everything was done; and without it not even one thing was done, which has been done. In it was Life; and the LIFE was the LIGHT of MEN.... And the Logos became Flesh, and dwelt among us,--and we beheld his GLORY, a Glory as of an Only-begotten from a Father,--full of Favor and Truth" (John 1:1-4, 14).

Logos is the Christ, the Son, the divine light, the living Word, or Word of the Supreme, and it contains all potentiality; all things were made by it (Him). Man can appropriate all, or a part, as he chooses. Jesus expressed it in its fullness, and He became the Logos, or Word, made flesh. In other words, Jesus so unified Himself in thought, word, and deed with this inner Christ, Logos, Word, creative principle of God, in which are all the ideas in Divine Mind--life, substance, intelligence, wisdom, love, strength, power, that even His seemingly mortal or flesh body took on the divine nature and became immortal, was wholly transformed into Godlikeness spirituality; thus throughout His entire being Jesus showed forth the glory and perfection of the Father. Those who follow Him can make this full attainment that He made, if they accept, as He did, the all-possibility of the Principle.

An understanding of the Logos reveals to us the law under which all things are brought forth--the law of mind action. The Divine Mind creates by thought, through ideas. Creation takes place through the operation of the Logos. God is thinking the universe into manifestation right now. The "beginning" is always now, since it has to do with the eternal, and not with time. The law of the divine creation is the order and harmony of perfect thought.

The Word, Logos, Thought of God, Son, or Christ, in which is the creative power of the Father-God, all-possibility, all-potentiality, the foundation principle, the true inner self of every individual, is ever associated with the Father in the glory of creating, and all men should "honor the Son even as they honor the Father," since the Father and the Son are one. This is just as true of the Logos, or Christ, in us as it was and is of the Logos, or Word, that became flesh in Jesus Christ. It is the idea of God, and the Father-Mind is always in its idea, just as the idea is in the Father-Mind. The mind that has begotten the idea, of course, is greater than the idea--"The Father is greater than I" (John 14:28, last clause), was the confession of the Christ in the perfected man, Jesus Christ. (See WORD.)

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