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Metaphysical meaning of creation (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of creation (mbd)

Meta. Creation presupposes a creator. The creator is God, Divine Mind. God creates by the power of His word: "God said...and it was so."

The Word of God is the divine Logos, the creative power of God expressed in the fiat, "Let there be," "and it was." The Logos, or Word, includes all the attributes of God.

The idea that a word contains gives it character and power.

The character of God's creation is "good" and "very good." There is no other creator than God. He made all that is. God's creation was in the realm of ideas, in the ideal, in mind. The universe and man are potentially perfect. The expression and manifestation of the perfect, ideal creation was left to man, and he has not been true to his trust, but has used his God-given power to express other than the divine ideals; this is what causes evil to appear, in the face of the truth that God made all that is and that all that He made was good.

There is no reality in the inharmonies brought about by man; they are simply a wrong relation of things, brought about by ignorance and false, limited concepts of God's creation. Only that which is created by God is real, enduring, and abiding. If the untrue were real, it could not be changed. Only spiritual things are eternal and real.

The inharmonies in the world can be eliminated by eliminating them from man's mind. This can be done by understanding that God's creation is all that there is and knowing it to be good. In this way the divine ideals are established in mind, and by the law of mind action they are expressed, thus bringing into manifestation the perfection that ever exists in the ideal.

The law of mind action may be described in three steps--mind, idea, manifestation. First, there must be mind; second, everything exists first as an idea in mind; third, the inherent power and intelligence in the idea causes it to act or express, and when it is expressed we have the manifestation.

Man's part in the creative process is to express the divine ideal. When he knows himself as the perfect offspring of Divine Mind, he expresses perfection. When he holds the thought of himself as sinful, and of the universe as imperfect, he expresses those untrue ideas and so brings into manifestation all the discords that appear. This is eating of the fruit of the tree of good and evil--duality of thought, believing that there is a power of evil as well as one of good, and building up error ideas in his thoughts.

Man accomplishes his great work of bringing things into manifestation by using the power of the word; he speaks the word audibly, or he speaks it silently as thought. Every man forms his own world; its character depends upon the character of his word. It is his privilege to cease using all untrue words and to use only the word of God, by which he will bring into manifestation the kingdom of God upon earth.

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