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Metaphysical meaning of wrath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of wrath (mbd)
wrath, of God.

Meta. Some Bible authorities claim that the "wrath of God," or of the Lord (Rom. 1:18), might with equal propriety be translated the "blessings" of the Lord. We know that after the destruction of limited and inferior thoughts and forms of life, other and higher thoughts and forms take their place, and the change is actually a blessing in the end. So even the "wrath" that comes to our fleshly tabernacles, when we persist in holding them in material thought, is a blessing ultimately. When we are loving and nonresistant we do not suffer under the transformations that go on when the Mosaic law is being carried out.

The "wrath of God" is really the working out of the law of Being destructively or inharmoniously for the individual who does not conform to the law but thinks and acts in opposition to it.________________________
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