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Metaphysical meaning of Ezekiel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ezekiel (mbd)
Ezekiel, e-ze'-k1-el (Heb.)--God strengthens; God is strong; God is powerful; whom God makes strong.

One of the four major prophets. He was one of a colony of captive Jews by the river Chebar, in Babylon; it was there that he did his prophesying (The Book of Ezekiel).

Meta. That in us which relies on Spirit and encourages us to place our full trust in Jehovah, that the Lord Jehovah (the spiritual I AM in us) may become the keeper of our sheep (our spiritual thoughts). Ezekiel was an enthusiast. His mind was open and alive to things spiritual. He shows us how to demonstrate strength.

Ezekiel saw a vision (Ezek. 1:4-28) in which the glory and splendor of God were revealed to him. The power of God's presence threw him down upon his face, where he remained for a time. But God called him to stand up and commanded him to go to Israel and carry a message to the people there. God encouraged him and told him not to be afraid when trials came (Ezek. 2:1-6; 3:17-21).

Ezekiel means God strengthens. We may apply this story of Ezekiel's vision to our own development, for it is a symbol of what may happen in any one's spiritual growth. When we touch the God consciousness we realize the presence of a mighty power, and at first we fall down; that is, we become inactive, for we feel our insignificance and our inability to do anything but worship. We soon find, however, that we must go forth and carry the message to others. We must be busy. We do not always need to preach in order to carry the message. We may become living messages that will be more eloquent in God's cause than words could possibly be.

God strengthens the one who seeks Him in the inner chamber and finds Him there. God fills that one with an urge that he cannot suppress; he must go forth and carry the message of life to all living creatures.

There is a great work to be done among men. They must be shown that good is real and that evil is unreal. They must be taught that evil is an inharmonious state of mind, an unprofitable state of mind. Lasting health, happiness, and life eternal come only when one lives and thinks in harmony with the divine law of the universe.

There is a great work to be done among men, but there is a greater work to be done within man. Every thought of the mind and every organ and cell of the body must be taught and redeemed before heaven can be established in your earth.

The mind and the body must be taught and assured that they are filled with the life and substance of God. They must be redeemed from the old race thoughts of sin and sickness or they will die; if they die, their blood will be on your head because of your not telling them. God is life and He sends forth the message of life. It is for all who will accept it. An organ of the body that receives God's message is quickened and vitalized. All the cells and organs of the body must be taught the truth about themselves; they must be taught that they are a harmonious part of God's creation and that they are not subject to discord or sickness. Begin today. Find the Father within you and carry His message to every living creature.

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