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Metaphysical meaning of Ezel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ezel (mbd)
Ezel, e'-zel (Heb.)--roll off rapidly; go away quickly; depart suddenly; separation.

A stone just outside the city where Saul lived. David hid by this stone when Jonathan made known to him that he must flee from Saul since Saul had determined to kill him. It was by Ezel that David and Jonathan parted (I Sam. 20: 19).

Meta. A sense of separation that the soul (Jonathan) feels very keenly when forced, seemingly, to part from the true love quality (David) because of the hardness of the adverse, personal will (Saul), which is intent upon killing love out of consciousness. Thus love has to go into hiding, as it were; it must cease its active ministrations in the presence of the will. To the human soul (Jonathan), which longs for close association with love (David), the feeling of separation seems acute. Love, however, knows only eternal union with all that is good and true, and so a deeper oneness is established at this. time of apparent parting (see the 42d verse of I Samuel, 20; also the last clause of the 41st verse).

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