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Metaphysical meaning of Chebar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chebar (mbd)
Chebar, che'-bar (Heb.)--binding together; joining; plaiting; braiding; strength; magnitude; abundance; length.

A river or canal of Babylon, or Chaldea, by which Ezekiel saw his visions (Ezek. 1:1). A colony of Jewish captives was settled along the banks of this river; Ezekiel, meaning God strengtheneth, God is strong, was one of them.

Meta. A current (river) of vital thought, which strengthens the religious thoughts of man (Jews) that have been reaching out for spiritual Truth but have become entangled in psychic forces (Chaldeans) and have fallen into sense confusion (Babylon). Spiritual revelation also comes to them here and tends to unify them with (joining) the one true Source of all inspiration and strength and of all true greatness and abundance (Spirit).

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