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Metaphysical meaning of Bithron (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bithron (mbd)
Bithron, b;th'-ron (Heb.)--cleft or valley; broken or divided place; ravine.

A place between the Jordan and Mahanaim, through which Abner passed when he was fleeing from Joab (II Sam. 2:29) . Fallows says of Bithron: "It probably denotes a region of hills and valleys, and not any definite place."

Meta. Abner was captain of Saul's army; he refers to the intellect in man, somewhat illumined by Spirit. The meaning of Abner is father of enlightenment. Joab was the leader of David's army; he symbolizes the executive power of love. When Saul, the will ruling in personality, is slain, his captain, Abner (intellectual reasoning), has to give up control, or leadership, of the army of thoughts that has adhered to it. In this change that takes place when Abner gives way to Joab, and when Saul gives way to David --when the transition from personal dominance to the rule of love is accomplished--the intellect becomes "broken up" in thought (broken or divided place). Its old basis of reasoning is gone. It is divided (cleft) and cannot become centered in any one rule of action. It goes down to the very depths (valley, ravine), as is signified by the place named Bithron, before it finally comes to a clear recognition of its real foundation and willingly merges itself with the Christ or true, spiritual understanding.

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