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Metaphysical meaning of Jordan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jordan (mbd)
Jordan, jôr'-dan (Heb.)--the descender; the descending one; the south flowing; flowing down abundantly; dispenser from above; flowing (river) of judgment.

The largest and most noted river in Palestine (Gen. 13:10; 32:10; Josh. 3:17; Matt. 3:6).

Meta. There is a stream of thought constantly flowing through the subconsciousness (the south flowing), made up of thoughts good, bad, and indifferent, which is typified in Scripture by the river Jordan. In other words it is the life flow of thought through the organism from head to feet. In man's ignorant and unredeemed state it is muddy with sense concepts and turbulent with materiality.

This thought stream has to be crossed before the Children of Israel can go over into the Promised Land, before the true, real thoughts of the organism can enter into the divine substance and life in the subconsciousness. This stream of thought is also known as the adverse mind, or Adversary; when the adverse thought is removed it expresses as the life current. Adverse mind has spread itself over the underlying God consciousness and has dammed the free flow of divine energies in man, cutting off the divine expression. This adverse consciousness disturbs man as long as he believes in the presence or power of evil. The sooner the student of Truth comes to the conclusion that the subconscious realm of mind, which he is most concerned in bringing to light, is under control of Divine Mind, the more quickly will he set into activity in the body the inherent qualities of Spirit, and the sooner he will bear the fruits of Spirit in his flesh. Substance awaits the demands of the I AM man and shapes itself according to the play of thoughts and words upon it. As man consciously masters erroneous ideas, which suggest themselves from the external, he masters like ideas in consciousness, which have been the attracting magnet that drew the external experience to him; he clarifies his heart of the adverse thought until he comes to dwell in the poise and mastery of the Christ self, being master of ideas and their manifestation.
The Jordan (flowing of judgment) can also be said to represent that place in consciousness where we are willing to meet the results of our thoughts, face to face. When the divine law has been established in the consciousness and the Spirit of wisdom (savior, Joshua) is recognized as the "minister" of the law, we understandingly and courageously pass judgment on all thoughts. We command the sense thoughts (waters) to stand still afar off, to recede from consciousness, that the Israelites (positive thoughts of Truth) may pass over (stand in time of judgment) and come into possession of the Promised Land (realization of divine substance, the foundation of the new Christ body).

In II Kings 2:13, 14 the Jordan represents the universal race thought that flows through man's subjective mind. Overcoming of the limitations of race thought comes through positive I AM affirmations of the presence of God and His power to accomplish whatsoever is desired.

In the healing of Naaman (II Kings 5) the Jordan represents the life current. Naaman (will) was commanded to wash in the Jordan (life stream) because, as man's spiritual perception (the little Israelitish maiden) reveals to him the realities of life, he is convinced of the need of cleansing the personal will. Spiritual I AM (Elisha) commands the denial of material beliefs and limitations. When the will is under the direction of Spirit the mind and the body express their natural purity and perfection.

Seven is the number of completeness in the natural world, or in the body consciousness. The command to Naaman to wash in the Jordan seven times means that one must continue to bathe in this inner life stream until the body is wholly purified and completely healed.

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