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Metaphysical meaning of David (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of David (mbd)
David, da'-vid (Heb.)--beloved; loved; well-beloved.

Youngest son of Jesse the Bethlehemite. He was anointed king of Israel in Saul's stead, and he succeeded Saul as king (I Sam. 17:12 to I Kings 2:10; Matt. 1:1).

Meta. David is often referred to as a type of Christ. His life was a forerunner of that of the more perfect man, Jesus Christ, who was of the house of David.

David represents divine love individualized in human consciousness. Love in Being (God) is the idea of perfect unity in all existence. When this divine idea is focused in man it is the Christ love on its inner side and the Jesus love on its outer. When David in his youth and purity daily communed with God, he closely reflected divine love. When he developed his human character, as a king in dominion over men, he manifested the limitations of the human in larger degree.

The rulership is withdrawn from the head, or the will (King Saul), and is gradually transferred to the heart, or love (King David). David was spiritually anointed by Samuel long before he assumed the reins of government. Saul became melancholic and at times insane. Because of David's skill on the harp, he was summoned at the suggestion of Saul's attendants, for the purpose of soothing Saul with music. He at once won the affection of Saul, and his music proved so effective in quieting the frenzied monarch that he was sent for often. This illustrates the power of love to harmonize the discords set up by a willful, violent consciousness.

David's father was Jesse, whose name means Jah is, and represents eternal existence, I AM. Thus Jesse relates to Jesus the Christ. His home was in Bethlehem (house of bread), which symbolizes the substance center in the body.

Saul was rejected as kin because he was egotistical and disobedient, and David was selected in his stead on account of his modesty and his childlike obedience and simplicity.

This whole lesson in I Sam. 16:4-13 points to the heart as the center through which Spirit rules, and to love (David) as the ruling intelligence, or king. "Jehovah looketh on the heart." David was "ruddy" (red). He was a shepherd, a keeper of the natural animal forces. These symbols all describe the subconscious life energies centering about the heart.

God is love and His kingdom is "within you." "Within" is not an abstraction, but a definite place in the interior or subconscious realms of mind and body.

When you find that your willful (Saul) rule is not proving harmonious, call upon the Spirit of the Lord for His anointing. You will receive the baptism of Spirit if you are sincere in your asking, and this spiritual anointing will prove to be the first step in setting up a new reign in which love will be king.

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