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Metaphysical meaning of Joab (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Joab (mbd)
Joab, jo'-ab (Heb.)--whose father Jehovah is; Jehovah is father.

a Son of Zeruiah, sister of David, and captain of David's army (II Sam. 2:18; I Kings 11:15). b There were other Israelites by this name also (I Chron. 4:14; Ezra 2:6; 8:9).

Meta. The executive power of love. The pivotal center within man that preserves the unity and integrity of soul and body--the individual will. This is the focal point around which all the forces of the organism, objective and subjective, adjust themselves.

II Samuel 18:9-15 does not say that Joab killed Absalom, but that he ran three darts through his heart. He was afterward killed by the ten young armor-bearers of Joab. The three darts represent thoughts, which may be interpreted as life, love, Truth. The armor-bearers represent the most external forces of the will. or secondary movements of the mind, which bring about destruction of temporary forms of life.

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