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Meditations for the High Watch

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Meditations for the High Watch
Spiritual Remedies for Special Needs

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The Living Stream

There's never a drought in my soul, dear Lord,
Though there be a drought o'er the land.
  Though the earth be parched
  And the fields be dried;
  Though the sky be cloudless
  And the air be close,
Within me ever is a living stream,
A fountain of life that quenches all thirst.

Ho! every one that thirsteth, come and drink!
'Tis a call to all creation.
The promise to those who drink from this stream
Is that they shall never thirst again.

I drink in remembrance of Thee, dear Lord,
From the living fountain within.
  I am cleansed of all doubt;
  My faith is renewed.
  With a lifted vision,
  I see nought but Thee.
As a garden watered becomes my soul,
Fitted to give forth of Thy living stream.

I hold out the cup to a thirsty world,
To each drooping person and plant,
And all Thy creation quenches its thirst,
And all becomes living again.
     – Selected

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The Meeting

And so I find it well to come
For deeper rest to this still room;
For here the habit of the soul
Feels less the outer world's control;
The strength of mutual purpose pleads
More earnestly our common needs;
And from the silence multiplied
By these still forms on either side,
The world that time and sense have known
Falls off and leaves us God alone.
     – Whittier

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THE SECRET OF health is in pure and harmonious thought. The secret of happiness is in the finding of the kingdom of heaven within. The secret of success and prosperity is in absolute trust in the Giver of gifts. The secret of the manifestation of all the good we need and desire, is in the high watch, the lifted vision. Our vision can only be lifted from the sordid, the low, from sickness and poverty and the many forms of error that seek to hold it down, by being filled with high and holy thoughts and by our holding fast to these until the eye becomes swift and single to the good only.

Error thoughts are continually seeking entrance into the mind. They are suggested by people and conditions about us. They spring out of the subconscious doubts and fears, hatreds and jealousies, poverty and failure, all of which we have stored away, some through the ages. They come from the race consciousness, the combined thoughts of all people. This is indeed a formidable array of error causes, and it can be handled by no man alone, for it is subject only to the Christ. Error and its results are continuous in the life of everyone until he comes to that point in his development where he is willing to redeem and build anew. When this process starts, man seeks through his conscious mind to cease forming opinions and conclusions based on appearances, turning to the superconsciousness or God-Mind for guidance in all things. In this way not only is the good

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of the present accomplished, but the subconsciousness is cleansed and refilled with high and holy thoughts, old error thoughts being wiped out and a new and higher future established. Thus the whole man is lifted up into higher and holier living, and an impenetrable wall or aura is built around him that protects him from outer errors.

Until a person becomes poised and balanced in Spirit he cannot always, under great stress and strain, lift the vision alone. He may be on the way but not yet so conscious of the indwelling Christ that he can turn to Him for every need. His ear may not yet be attuned to catch clearly the message from the superconscious mind, for the intellect still reasons and friends suggest, all of which distracts his attention from listening within. His eye may not yet be pure enough to see the good only, for appearances seem distracting and real, and they create pictures in the mind from which thoughts form. Until the time comes when a person of himself can turn quickly to God, there are always answers provided by the omnipresent One to meet his asking, seeking, knocking. It is in the receiving, in answer to the asking, in the finding through seeking, in the opening to the knocking that the Father blesses man, whatever the method, whoever the channel.

The meditations in this little book have been given to the writer in various times of need, to be used for herself or for someone seeking help through her. They came not from herself but as the voice of the Christ speaking through her, to bless and to fill

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those who did "hunger and thirst after righteousness." These meditations are now given to you in order that they may be a blessing and a means of filling many hungry and thirsty souls who are seeking the righteous way in like times of need, as a means of lifting their vision from the material to the heavenly. Use them for yourself in time of need. Use them for the race, sending them out into the universal consciousness so that whosoever will may receive, so that the whole race may be lifted into a higher consciousness and a better expression of life.

To read a holy meditation over and over and over again, perhaps to memorize it, is to be filled with its holy thoughts both in the conscious and the subconscious mind. The vision is lifted; we enter the high watch. Fears and doubts vanish, faith is increased, strength is gathered, power prevails. That which before seemed such a formidable giant, now sinks into nothingness. It has been dissolved, routed, by the change in consciousness that took place while the words were being repeated. From this new state of consciousness comes healing, comes success and prosperity, comes joyful and harmonious living.

The more often one enters the secret place to meditate on holy thoughts the more does one become like the Christ. When a person has entered often enough into the holy of holies and remained long enough his mind will become so filled with its purity and holiness that no longer will outer errors change it. Then there will be no more going out and coming in. He will have arrived! He will abide! Praise God!

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Meditation of the High Watch

I keep my eyes ever single toward Thee, Thou King of Kings, Thou Lord of Lords, toward Thine omnipotence, Thine omnipresence, Thine omniscience, toward Thy love and strength, Thy beauty and purity. I let Thy joy fill me, Thy perfection heal me, Thy wisdom guide me, Thy substance feed me.

Because my eyes are toward Thee I see only my lordship, my kingship, my likeness to Thee, and this vision of my perfection takes form in my outer world. I express my likeness to Thee in my flesh, for I see in my body the perfection of a little child recently come forth from Thy bosom, pure, perfect in form and function, a Christ child. I see my strength as the strength of a great oak that has grown tall and broad and sturdy through always sinking its roots deeper in Thy substance, pushing its boughs out in Thine omnipresent life, whether the winds blow it, the rains beat upon it, the sun scorches it. I see in my life the glory of the flowers that draw their perfection of form and color from omniscience, keeping to their pattern within, whether they are surrounded by beauty or ugliness, whether their neighbors are distorted or perfect. I see my supply "pressed out" from Thy living substance, and as lavishly provided for me as the air I breathe, as the blades of grass that my feet touch, as the leaves that drift down on me from the autumn trees.

Through my divine inheritance from Thee I have power and dominion over sickness, over poverty, over all inharmony. As a fulfillment of my sonship, I

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live as Thou wouldst have me to live, unafraid, undaunted, victorious, trusting Thee utterly, expressing Thy perfection in all that I do and say. I see all Thine other children as I see myself, heirs to Thy glory, partakers of Thy good.

I give thanks to Thee, O Keeper of the High Watch, for Thine omnipresence, Thine omnipotence, Thine omniscience, always with me as my own, giving me courage and strength and power to keep my eyes single toward Thee, and Thy holy will expressing itself through me, Thy child.

A Meditation for Relaxation

Father, as I come into Thy presence I lay aside all human likes and dislikes, all sense desires and flesh emotions. I cease struggling after things, cease striving. Knowing that I am Thy beloved child, I am free from worry and anxiety. I am not fearful of anything or anybody, for underneath and about me are Thine everlasting arms. I forgive as I would be forgiven, for my heart is filled with a realization of Thy redeeming love. A greater understanding of all life comes to me as I sink down in quietness with Thee, My soul rests in peace and is glad.

In this union with Thee the intellect loses its disposition to doubt and argue. My mind is ready to think Thy thoughts after Thee, and in this state of mental relaxation my body receives its release from the bondage of error thoughts. From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet every cell and every nerve relaxes and lets go if its tenseness. My head –

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eyes and ears and mouth and nostrils – relaxes and lets the God life flow in freely and fully. My limbs relax, the bones and flesh relax, the muscles and nerves and skin relax, all open and subject to the renewal of their Creator. All the organs of my body relax so that they may do their work in divine order and harmony, performing their perfect functions in building the Christ body. The emotions are quieted and transformed into new life that is both soothing and thrilling. My heart is at peace with God and man and beats in unison with the great heart of the universe. The breath of God in my nostrils makes me a new creature in Christ Jesus, every whit whole. The river of life circulates freely through a renewed and released body, cleansing every cell, and renewing me according to the divine pattern.

As Thy spirit of peace and love pervades my whole being, all that was weary in me is refreshed, all that was sick is made whole, all that was limited is made free and full. I am recreated in mind, soul, and body. I am released from the bondage of grave-clothes and come forth into the glorious Christ resurrection!

Bless Jehovah, O my soul,
And all that is within me, bless His holy name.

New-Year Eve Meditation

The book of the passing year is spread out before me as I sit alone tonight. Whatever of wrong of another toward me that has been written on its pages I forgive and wipe out. Any wrong of mine, intentional

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or unintentional, I myself forgive, and I open myself to receive forgiveness from anyone whom I may have offended. I let all hurts, all self-pity, all selfishness, all fear, all hate, all sickness and poverty thoughts become as water that has passed away.

The book of my life is cleansed from cover to cover through the forgiving love of Jesus Christ. It is therefore without spot or blemish.

I ask, my Father, that before I enter into the new year the Spirit of the Christ may so fill my heart and soul that all the pages of the book throughout the year to come may be filled only with that which I delight to keep in the chamber of my memory and see fulfilled in my life. Let all the spiritual joys of the year that is passing be increased, let all the rich thoughts multiply, all the good sent, from me and toward me grow. Let faith, beauty of soul, compassion, and love become in me as they were in the Nazarene. Let me grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

At this closing of the old year I consecrate the incoming year to Thee, and myself to Thy service. Use me, Father, in Thy vineyard; use me, mind, soul, and body. Use all the material goods I possess for the setting up of Thy kingdom on earth through the upliftment of Thy children. Let me be a peacemaker, a healer of discords, of poverty and fear thoughts, let me open the eyes of the blind to Thy beauty, the ears of the deaf to Thy message. Let me point the lame and the halt to the path wherein they can run and not be weary, walk and faint not.

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Let me express only the Christ every moment of every day the whole year through, and let the Christ in me call forth the Christ of everyone who enters my life or crosses my path in the time to come.

My Banker

Father, Thou art my banker. Before I came into being Thou didst deposit to my heavenly account with Thee an unlimited supply. Throughout the ages there has never been any lessening of Thy gift. Because I have not been conscious of this bountiful provision for me I have used sparingly, even niggardly, of that which Thou wouldst have me use in abundance. I have not realized that the inflow that Thy law establishes is equal to my faith in the providing law and my free use of its gifts.

O Thou great Giver, I know now that wherever and whenever there has been emptiness, lack, in my life, it has been because I have held poverty thoughts, have seen lack, which has closed the way to the entrance of Thy stream of substance always flowing toward me. Now I know that Thou dost not limit me but that every thought and word and act that does not correspond to Thy bountiful provision for me shuts out Thy supply from my manifest world.

Father, let me become each day more conscious of Thy loving care for me, Thy beloved child. Let me realize more and more the greatness and permanency of Thy provision for me. Give me greater faith and wisdom and love, that I may use freely and

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wisely from Thy storehouse to satisfy every need and desire in my life and in the lives of others of Thy children. Let me become conscious that the more I use in Thy name, the greater becomes my capacity to receive.

I give thanks, O Giver of gifts, for an overflowing measure of substance ever ready to meet my demands, for the harmony and beauty and richness that accompany the conscious use of gifts direct from Thy hand.

Divine Love

Divine love in me is a consuming fire, utterly destroying from my mind all thoughts of hard conditions, all hard thoughts toward others, and destroying also all hard thoughts of others toward me. Love sweeps clean from my consciousness all hardness of every kind, past, present, and future, and eliminates from my body consciousness all hard manifestations. Warts, corns, calluses, lumps, gallstones, knots, hardened arteries are all cast out by the forgiving love of Jesus Christ accepted by me.

Divine love in me is a lubricating oil, dissolving all criticism, hate, selfishness, condemnation, worry, anxiety, envy, self-pity from my mind and their resultant conditions from my body. In the love of God I live, move, and have my being. Rheumatism, neuritis, stiff joints, indigestion, valve weakness, all these disappear in the sweetness that love is, that I am.

Divine love in me is a radiant light that shines out before me, making plain my way, guiding me in

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the ways of wisdom, illuminating the path for others; a light that constantly lifts higher my consciousness, drawing up my body organs from all fallen conditions; a light that no darkness of any kind, no disease, or accident can dim; a light that gives out to others and draws from others to me justice and righteous judgment.

Divine love in me is a mighty magnet that draws from the seen and the unseen my good. Joys seek me, friends flock to me, health and wealth make me their home, as the Christ Spirit within attracts to me that which is in its own likeness.

Divine love is the God spark within me through which I express compassion, tolerance, patience toward all.

I am divine love, supreme, eternal !

Meditation on Substance

I am relaxed and still. Worry, anxiety, fear, and doubt drift off into the nothingness from which they come. Trust enters, peace prevails. I touch the hem of Thy garment, O Christ, and all poverty thoughts are healed. My eyes are opened and I see substance everywhere. It spreads out before me greater than the expanse of the ocean and of the dry land, greater than all the oceans and dry lands of the multitudinous planets, for it is not confined, not limited, by three dimensions. It is of the Spirit world, unlimited, eternal. It surrounds me as the air I breathe and fills me as the life I feel. It is thought for my mind, food for my body, supply for my needs.

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With infinite love the great Giver has created substance for His child, who is I. He has given me the power to mold from it all my desires, to fill all my needs, the power to be a channel through which it flows into His universe to make all waste places fertile. Day after day, year after year, age upon age, I and millions of others of His children have used His substance in limited quantities, not realizing that it was ours to use in abundance. I see it now overflowing all creation. The more I use it the more it flows to me, and still it is as if it never had been touched, for its vastness is now comprehended only by the mind of its Creator.

I praise and give thanks for the garment of substance with which the Father clothes all His creations. I praise and give thanks that He clothes and provides for me, His highest creation, His dearest possession, measuring His good out to me with a measure that overflows all previous ideas of opulence, all former manifestations of abundance.

As I go back into the material world to the duties of the hour I take with me this realization of substance as my eternal birthright, my everlasting heritage, my omnipresent possession. I hold fast to this high vision until all my outer world manifests this inner opulent perfection.

My Work

I thank Thee, Father, for the work that Thou hast given me to do in Thy busy universe. I do not seek to shirk my task; whatsoever my hand finds to do

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I do to Thy glory, that it may be done and may accomplish the purpose for which Thou didst give it to me.

When my work is to take a towel, as did the Master, and serve others, then Thou dost give me power to serve sweetly, serve well. When I need wisdom and understanding to carry on, the knower within gives me sufficient to meet the need of each hour. When I labor with my hands Thy strength is made perfect in my human weakness.

I know that as my work is finished on one plane I shall hear Thee say, "Well done, good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will set thee over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy lord." I know that when the Adam consciousness of earning by the sweat of the brow has passed from me, I shall enter into the Christ consciousness of speaking into manifestation all my needs and desires. I hasten this time by doing all that my hand finds to do as unto the Lord. I seek to make of myself a workman that need not be ashamed, approved unto God.

Let me while doing my work, whatever it may be, spare the time to be kind. Let me be a blessing to whoever works by my side. Let those who cross my path go on with a lifted vision.

Let me glorify work.


All things, past, present, and future, that are out of harmony with the divine law are forgiven me by

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the One who gave His life to set me free.

There is no transgression, no sin of omission, no sin of commission that Thou, O Son of man, O Son of God, hast not wiped out for me, in Thy "Father, forgive them" spoken from the cross.

Ignorance in transgression, willfulness of desire, and all their effects have become as nothing as I enter upon the "crossing out" with Thee, my Saviour.

Scars and wounds and hurts are made whole; both those which I have received and those which I have inflicted have been healed by Thy blood shed vicariously for the healing of the nations.

All unforgiveness in me and toward me, all intolerance and injustice, even that present in the lives that I remember no more, are completely blotted out through Thy forgiving love, O Christ of God.

I accept Thine atonement, O Lamb of God, Messiah of the world. Through Thy redeeming love I am washed clean, rising above all human appearances, all material bondage.

Now am I resurrected from the dead in mind, body, and affairs, and enter into the newness that has become mine through Thee. I am a son of the living God, the Word of God made flesh, savior of my world.

Meditation for the Night Watches

I am alone with Thee in the darkness of the night, but I neither need nor desire any other presence. As I feel Thy nearness, all darkness, all dimness of vision departs, and the glory of Thy countenance shines

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round about me. My soul is filled with Thy radiance, my mind is lifted above all fear and worry, my body is free from the bondage of pain. No more am I sad, no more am I lonely, no more am I anxious, for I have found perfect trust in the goodness of Thy will for me.

I give myself and my loved ones, my all, into Thy keeping, my beloved. I know that the morrow will bring the solution to every problem, the answer to every question, the supply to every need. Until then I do not need them. I need only Thee. In Thine arms I find peace; under Thy wings I am secure. I lose myself in Thy self, and in the sweetness of this oneness with Thee I rest and rest and rest until the coming of a new day.

The River of Life

There is forever flowing us-ward the river of life. It issues forth from the sanctuary of God, pure, crystal-clear, redeeming and vitalizing in its nature. It is a fountain whose waters never fail, it is a well of living water springing up unto eternal life. Its waters are for the healing of the nations through the cleansing and purifying of the individual. It is without money and without price for those who thirst for God, the living God. Those who drink of these waters shall never thirst again.

I enter boldly into the waters of this river of life; in confidence I lie down in the stream. I surrender my wounds, my mental and physical pains, to its purifying and renewing action. Knowing that Thou art

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with me, I pass calmly through the waters. The rivers shall not overflow me, but when the cleansing is finished Thy hand shall draw me forth out of many waters.

I invite the peace of this river to enter in that my soul may become as a watered garden. I invite its purity to enter my mind that it may be as a city of God made glad. I invite its tributaries to break out in all the desert places of my life that they may blossom as the rose, in all the waste places that they may become a Garden of Eden, in all the wilderness that it may be filled with beauty, in all the lonely places that they may resound with melody. Everything shall live wherever the river floweth; everything on its banks shall be healed. My blind eyes shall be opened, my deaf ears shall listen and hear, my lame mentality shall leap into livingness, and the whole shall break forth into a song of "Glory to God in the highest."

I am a channel of the living fountain that comes forth from the throne of God. I give of my waters and am never depleted, never impoverished, because I am aware of my source. I know that he that watereth shall be watered also, and I give myself as a channel through which the living waters flow to all humanity.

Meditation for One Seeking a Position

There is no lack of a place for me to serve in this great busy universe that Jehovah God created. When it was created, I also was created, and the Lord of Creation, created with me all my good, all

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that I should need from the time I started out on my journey from Him into experience until I returned to Him, knowing as He knows and seeing as He sees. Thou, O Father-Mother God, hast always provided for me bountifully all that I would receive. Even now Thou dost stretch out over-flowing hands to me.

There is a place prepared for me. Before I go forth to find this place I enter into Thy consciousness of all good. I fill myself with Thy glory of expression and let it shine forth from me. I recognize that I myself am success, and that my good is seeking me. As I go forth to enter my place, I know that I am about my Father's business, and that the angel of His presence has already gone before and made plain and successful the way.

In seeking my own I let no words of others discourage me. I let no acts of others hurt me. I keep my vision steadfast on the Giver of gifts that I may see clearly the way that He points out to me. I keep my ears attuned to the "still small voice" that I may hear when He says: "This is the way, walk ye in it."

All past thoughts of not enough pay, too hard work, lack of knowledge, are wiped out. All careless work, unproductive work, uninspired work is forgiven me. I know that I have that which I earn, and I use my spiritual knowledge of true service to increase my receiving capacity. I seek henceforth to give to my work more than I earn, and the overflow returns to me with its increase, even as the needle returns to the magnet.

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Right now is the time predestined from the beginning for me to enter into higher work, because now I have lifted myself above losses, above lacks, have ceased to depend on positions, possessions, persons for my substance.

I praise and give thanks, Thou Giver of gifts, for the beauty with which Thou art filling my life, through this new service which Thou has given me to do. I thank Thee, Father, for service, all-absorbing, uplifting service, where I can preach the gospel of good will, health, peace and plenty, by the life I live and the work I do.

Easter Meditation

Christ is risen in my soul today, and every cell and fiber of my being enters into this resurrection. I feel the thrill of new life as it pulses through and through me. I am released from bondage. I am alive in Christ Jesus.

O Thou Son of God, I thank Thee for becoming a son of man, for taking on bodily appearance that Thou mightest prove to the race that flesh has no power over Spirit. I thank Thee for Thy great love for man, for me, which carried Thee through Gethsemane, up Calvary, and into the tomb so that it might count as an atonement for all who follow Thee. Lead Thou me on, O Way-Shower. Let me ever submit my will to the will of the Highest; give me strength and courage to bear the burden up my every Calvary; let me continually cross out the little self until it is forever crucified; let me feel Thine all-sufficient

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presence with me as I enter the tomb of any experience. Let me know, Thou omnipresent Christ, that once for all Thou hast passed through death so that man may rise out of sin, sickness, poverty, ignorance, and death into the fullness of a new life of glory.

I am not afraid of Gethsemane; it is only letting go of the perverse human will so that the good of God's will for us may become manifest. I am not afraid of calvary, for it is only an opportunity to prove the willingness of the great Burden Bearer to carry our burdens. I am not afraid of the cross, for I know it is only the place in consciousness where I give up the lesser self so that the Christ self may rule my life. I am not afraid of the tomb, for I let it become to me as the secret place of the Most High, where I may hide whenever error approaches. There alone with Thee, O risen One, I become so filled with Thy peace and power, so alive to the Christ within, so conscious of my oneness with the Father that I can come forth into the world and say to all error: "Touch me not; I am risen."

The Saviour of the world is not dead; He is risen. He walks with me, He talks with me, He directs my way, He provides for my every need. He leads me through the valleys to the very mountaintops. He shines through me so that men may see His risen glory and follow also after Him through the valleys and on His ascension to the heights.

Let the life in plant and tree break the bondage of silence, let the birds join in the melody of the

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resurrection, and all the creatures be glad. Let men recognize the power of their likeness to Thee, and lift up mind, soul, and body in an ecstacy of joy as they join all creation in the glory song: "Christ is risen! Earth is now redeemed!"

Purse Blessing

I open my purse and there is poured into it the substance of God. I turn it upside down and pour out some of its contents wherewith to bless that work of His which the Father points out to me. I use all that I need freely but wisely. Yet my purse is never empty. It is constantly being filled from that eternal substance of Spirit which is without beginning, without end. This substance overflows my purse, and the more I use from it the larger the stream flowing into it becomes. I thank Thee, Father, for substance ever taking form for the use of Thy children everywhere.

Morning Meditation

I awake to this day, a new day, a new opportunity, born again in the night sabbath of my soul. I arise with praises to Thee, O Creator of my being. As I remember my likeness to Thee, my mind and my body sing: "Wake up, my glory, awake !"

As the glorious sun rises above the horizon and floods my material world with its light, so the "sun of righteousness" rises in my consciousness to fill my soul with its glory, with a radiance that shines throughout my universe.

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I thank Thee, Father, for the day spread out before me, with its opportunities for service to Thee. Thy wisdom shall lead me, Thy beauty fill me, Thy substance provide for me throughout this day and all days to come.

While the day is yet new I give myself to Thee, Father, with the single desire of being a channel through which more of Thy beauty, Thy wisdom, Thy joy, Thy love, Thy substance may flow into the hearts and lives of Thy other children, who cross my path or walk by my side today. Let me express so much of Thee in my conversation and acts that all who see and hear may recognize that Christ is my pattern and seek too to follow after Him.

Today let me see beauty everywhere. Let me see the Christ in my fellow men. Let me call forth the Christ expression wherever I walk; let me call it forth in loving kindness from man to man and from man to God. Let me call forth peace and harmony and joy. Let my whole world be filled with gladness, because I have today lived and walked with God.

Through Thy presence with me all that I do this day succeeds, for whatever I undertake within Thy will is filled with Thy wisdom and substance and life.

For the Homekeeper

My home is a heaven for my loved ones, for I guard it from every enemy of happiness that seeks to enter. Above its portals I inscribe:

"None enter here but in love.
None leave here except in peace"

Page 131

On its walls I write:

"Christ is omnipresent in this household.
All members of this family put their trust in Him."

I wipe out selfishness, inharmony, discontent, worry, anxiety, fear from my heart and see each member of the home free also from these errors, through a realization of the Christ Spirit within. I think and speak only in terms of plenty, for I know that in substance there is always overflowing abundance, and I fill the pantry, I fill the closets, I replenish the home with furnishings from God's substance, created for my use from the beginning.

I dust out disease germs, contagion in thought, as I dust my treasures. I stir in love and substance, as I prepare my food. I darn and mend and sew, realizing that robes of righteousness that never age are gifts to those who abide in the house of the Lord.

I am not cumbered about much serving but take time to sit at the feet of the Master and learn from Him how to meet every situation with wisdom and love, how to heal the sick within and without my portals, how to receive strength for the day's duties, how to keep sweet under all circumstances.

I send my family forth into the world surrounded by love that protects, strength that sustains, courage that succeeds. I welcome them home with a love that fills them with peace and contentment.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me," serving with gladness, being served in turn with joy. Co-operation, kindness, and harmony reign supreme in this household, and my

Page 132

loved ones and I work together to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

Room Blessing

I hallow this room by establishing within it the living presence of the Christ. In His presence there is nothing to fear. Good only abides here, and my room is filled with its atmosphere of peace, joy, life, health, opulence. They sing themselves into my body and out into all my affairs. When I leave this room the angel presence keeps watch over my treasures, yet it goes before me to guide and protect. When I return the presence enters before me with peace and love, yet it was always there. It is Omnipresence, the same yesterday, today, and forever, in which I live and move and have my being. My whole world is filled with its glory now and evermore.

The Supreme Remedy

Thou dost walk by my side, Son of God, Redeemer of the world, Thou art the supreme remedy for my every lack, the cure of my every longing. Thou art the ease for every heartache, the satisfaction of every desire. Thou art my healer, my banker, my guide, my all in all. There is no need in my life which Thou dost not completely fill with Thyself.

Through every moment of every day down the ages since I came out from Thee into expression, Thou hast kept me. Thou keepest me still in the hollow of Thy hand. Thy love overshadows me in all my wanderings and guides me back into the righteous

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way. It goes before me to make my way light; it remains behind me to protect me; below it lifts me up out of hard places. It plucks my feet out of the nets of materiality and sets them on the rock of salvation. Its bountiful table is always spread before me, until my cup runneth over.

Thine all-encompassing love hath kept me back from many stumblings, has held me back out of many waters, has emancipated me from fear and doubt arid worry, from sins of omission and commission. Thy love is from everlasting to everlasting, the same yesterday, today, and forever, and in it I live and move and have my being. In it I find completion, I find peace and satisfaction.

Because Thou art through eternity the supreme remedy for every lack in the mind, body, and affairs of man, I hold to Thee only, and am transformed from glory to glory into the spiritual unity with Thee that was mine before the world was. Thou, O Christ of God, art the way, the Truth, and the life, and Thou hast Thy home in my soul. I give myself to Thee as an eternal gift, and in this union I lose all resemblance to the old Adam man, for I am a new creature in Christ Jesus, whole, complete.

Table Blessing

Thou unseen Guest, increase this manifestation of Thy living substance, as Thou didst increase the loaves by Galilee, until every hungry need of our mind, body, and affairs is filled to overflowing. Amen!

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Child's Prayer

Father-Mother God, I thank Thee for Thy angel presence keeping watch over me by night and by day, helping me always to do right, protecting me from all harm. I thank Thee for the Christ within that keeps my mind pure and makes my body strong. I thank Thee for Thy gifts of peace, health, and abundance poured out to my loved ones now and evermore. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen !

Song of Praise and Thanksgiving

My heart is singing a song of praise and thanksgiving to Thee, my beloved. My soul drops all sorrow and sadness that the song's lilt may reach every cell of my body, and my whole being be lifted up in a chorus of gladness to Thee, my Creator, my keeper.

For the many blessings as yet unmanifest that Thou, O Giver of gifts, hast prepared for me when I am ready to receive them I give thanks. For the blessings of today, to which I have full and free access and which make my life happier and holier and more productive of good, I give thanks.

I praise and give thanks for Thine omniscience, for the wisdom and right judgment that fills my mind and works out in my life, as I seek to be guided by the will of the Highest.

I praise and give thanks for Thy rich substance and the bounty with which Thou dost fill my hands as I hold them out in faith and expectancy to Thee.

I praise and give thanks, Thou Great Physician, for the healing stream of life that is ever cleansing

Page 135

and healing my body as I submit it to Thee for renewal.

I praise and give thanks for the angel of Thy presence. Omnipresent One, a pillar of fire when the way seems dark, a cloud of hiding when I need protection, ever omnipotent on my path back to Thee.

I praise and give thanks, O Lover of my soul, for Thy likeness of love, even the living Christ within me, shining from me toward others. I thank Thee for the words and deeds that are made possible through the tolerance and patience and justice of Thy love in me and in Thine other children.

I thank Thee for a home whose foundation is laid by the Master Builder, for loved ones in whom I know dwells the Christ of God, for work that is a joyful service to Thee. I thank Thee for blessings manifold, for the beauties of nature, for the fellowship of friends, for the opportunity to serve Thee.

I thank Thee that I am because Thou art and that I am what I am because Thou art what Thou art. I thank Thee for this consciousness of unity with Thee. My soul is glad, my heart rejoices, and all that is within me blesses Thy holy name.

A Christmas Eve Meditation

The world celebrates Thy birth, O little Babe of Bethlehem, but I celebrate the birth of the Christ of God in my soul. I commemorate the day when in my consciousness I conceived the meaning of Thy coming, when I felt my heart throb in answer to Thy call of love.

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From one Christmas Eve to the next Christmas Eve I seek to incorporate into my life more of Thy gentleness, more of Thy compassion, more of Thy selflessness, tolerance, and patience toward all. I seek to grow as Thou didst grow, in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man, that Thy greatness may become my greatness, Thy power for good my power for good, and that I too may become a Christ of God, the savior of my world.

The star that shone that first Christmas Eve in an age long gone shines as brightly tonight for all whose inner eyes are opened to see the invisible star that heralds the setting up of the Christ kingdom within.

The Christ child is born again in the manger of the heart of everyone who has prepared for His coming, has made room for His entrance through purification, through praise, through faith and expectancy.

The joy of the angels' songs rings as true and clear this Christmas Eve in the souls of all who abide in the Christ consciousness, who shepherd their thoughts, who live in peace and good will toward men, as it did when the angels announced to the shepherds the birth of the Saviour of the world.

The Wise Men within us are continually searching the heavens of our consciousness for the star that proclaims the Christ birth and that signifies to us the readiness of the soul to receive their rich gifts.

In my consciousness of unity with Thee, O omnipresent One, the light of the star shines in my soul

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tonight, illumining all the dark places. The joy of the angels' songs fills my heart with peace and good will to all; the Wise Men within bring their rich gifts with rejoicing, as I give all that I am and all that I have to the Christ of God, born anew in my consciousness tonight.

Glory to God in the highest! May all men come quickly into a consciousness of the Christ love and good will, that there may be between Him and man, between country and country, the peace of God that passeth understanding. Amen! Amen!

The Burden Bearer

O Thou Burden Bearer, how wonderful is Thy promise to all that are weary and heavy laden. When I listen I hear Thee say, "Lo, I am with you always," and! I believe. I hear Thee say, "Come unto me" and "Cast all thy burden upon Jehovah" and I accept. Let me feel the fullness of Thy promises. Let me cast all my burdens on Thee, knowing that as I let them go, they are taken up by the One who knows how to make of them the nothingness that they are. Now as I release to Thee all the burdens of my life, I feel my emancipation, my freedom, my lightness. I am emancipated from hard conditions. I am free from doubt and worry; I am lightened of all physical and mental loads. I am a bond servant no longer, but a glorious new creature, spreading my wings to attain new heights of the Christ consciousness.

It is very wonderful, O Christ, to know that Thou who didst bear the cross up Calvary for me art always

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beside me, Thou who art never weary, never discouraged, never depressed, because Thou knowest the way of life everlasting. It is very wonderful to know that as I look to Thee and rest in Thee Thou wilt lift from me every burden of the day. Through my every Gethsemane, up my every Calvary, through the tomb into the resurrection Thou art with me, and with Thee I ascend into a consciousness of Spiritual unity. No longer is the path dark or the burden heavy, no longer do I grope or sit exhausted by the way; for Thy presence lights and lifts. Ever in the consciousness of Thy love and power omnipresent, I am strengthening and renewing my physical being, and all the affairs of my life are made successful and easy. In Thee I find rest to my soul.

Meditation for Wisdom and Guidance

Dear Father, I come to Thee like a little child not knowing the way. I seek the solution of problems that I of myself am not able to work out. I have come to the crossroads and know not the path to take. I would have guidance beyond the human that I may make no mistake, that I may not have to retrace my steps, that I may take the path that leads to joy for myself and others and to greater service to Thee. My intellect would have me go one way, my emotions and desires pull me in another; but I know from past experience that none of these can be relied upon to lead me aright. My faith is not in them; for they do not get their knowledge from Thy omniscience but depend on people and conditions

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and circumstances to give them their leading. My faith is in Thee, O omnipotent God, for in Thee only is the knowledge of the way to right decision. O Thou omniscient Mind, Thou knower of all things past, present, and future, make known to me Thy will. It is not my limited will that I would have done, but Thine; for I know that in Thy will for me is all the good that I could desire. Let the angel of Thy presence guide me in a plain path, in a right way, a way that corresponds to Thy will for me. Give me strength and courage to go forward, give me faith to follow, even though there be a cross, even though there be a dark valley before I reach the heights.

O send out Thy light and Thy truth,
Let them lead me,
Let them bring me unto Thy holy hill,
And to Thy tabernacles.

Bedtime Meditation

Father, I thank Thee for the activities of the day and Thy sustaining strength to complete them. I thank Thee for the time of rest that draws near, when I can close the door and draw the curtain of my mind, shutting out all the distractions and fascinations of the material world, and receive undisturbed Thy ministrations, Thine instructions.

Let, O Redeemer, all wrong thoughts of the day, my thoughts toward others, others' thoughts toward me, be dissolved in the forgiving love of Jesus Christ. Let all unkind words and acts be submerged

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in Thy redeeming grace. Let all the cares of the day steal away, all anxious thoughts take flight, as I draw near to Thee, O Burden Bearer. Let my mind be cleansed of all error, that I may be pure enough to enter Thy presence in the hours to come. Let my body relax so that it may be open enough to receive Thy spiritual forces, which seek to renew and strengthen. Let my intellect cease its thoughts so that my mind may be alert enough to catch Thy slightest message and to interpret truly all the dreams and visions of the night. Let this sabbath of my soul be a time apart with Thee, my beloved, a time of peace and rest and renewal. Let my soul worship in Thy house, O Lord, and as I behold Thy beauty, let its transforming power find expression in my life, filling all the unlovely places with Thy glory and holiness.

I know that Thou who keepest Israel neither slumberest nor sleepest. Because of Thine omnipresence the night shineth as the day and Thy song is with me. I will now in faith and peace lay me down to sleep, for Thou, O Father, keepest me in safety. The angel of Thine appointing hovers over me so that no harm may come nigh my dwelling. Underneath and around me are the everlasting arms. In Thine omnipresence I rest and rest, and my sleep is sweet.

Meditation for Harmonizing the Elements

Father, I thank Thee for rain in its season, for gentle winds, and merciful clouds, for heat and cold, all adapted by Thy love to meeting man's

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comfort and nature's needs. For all of these Thou hast appointed a time so that the beauty and productiveness of Thy creation may increase. Let nothing hinder the harmony of the whole, but let man and nature work together to restore the perfection of Thy kingdom on earth.

In the beginning the Garden was created for man. He was given it to dress and keep. Power and dominion over all creation was his. He walked and talked with God in the garden of his soul and knew only the good. His world showed forth this peace and harmony of the within. As long as he lived in this relation to his Creator there were no droughts, no floods, no freezing weather, no scorching heat to disturb the beauty of his world. When he began to see good and evil, error began to be manifested in his world, and he was in the garden no longer.

Father, all mankind is seeking to return to Thy garden of peace and beauty and plenty. They are because they are seeking their good, which is found only in Thy garden. Let each of Thy children the world over realize that peace must be established in the heart, beauty in the soul, and plenty in the vision if these are to enter and become manifest in the life. Let us know that we must think thoughts of love and speak words of love, that individual and national clashes must cease, that hatred and cruelty and injustice must be wiped out, that greed and selfishness and jealousy must be overcome, and that the Christ of God must be enthroned in the heart before we can again enter the Garden of Eden.

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Father, I thank Thee for Thy love which fills my heart, for Thy wisdom which fills my mind, for Thy clear vision which sees only the good. I claim my birthright of power and dominion, realizing that its foundation is in Thine omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. From this consciousness I now speak peace and harmony to the elements, that all nature may receive direct from Thy hands and fulfill its purpose of beauty and productiveness, in the name and through the power of the One who said to the waves and winds, "Peace, be still," and had instant recognition and obedience. I speak to all Thy creation: "Let the Christ harmony and peace reign supreme in you, that it may be so in the elements."

Meditation for Prosperity

O Thou Giver of gifts, Thou all-inclusive Gift, to Thee I bring my needs, my desires, my limitations, my failures. To my mortal mind they seem great, but to Thine omnipotent Mind they are nothing. I sink my seeing in Thy seeing, and I rest from seeing things or the lack of things. I see only Thee, and Thy beauty and glory and opulence become mine also in mind, body, and affairs. This good which Thou hast prepared for me from the beginning, and which continually seeks entrance into my world, makes itself manifest through the door that my faith in Thy love for me has opened.

In the realization of my sonship I claim the promise that all Thine is mine, and I make Thee, my Father, the promise that all mine is Thine. By this

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covenant between Thee and me there is opened the channel through which Thy wealth flows to me and out from me, in abundant measure, to bless Thy work and Thy workers. My storehouse and Thy storehouse are full to overflowing, for they are one.

I enter in consciousness the kingdom of God within me, where riches abound. Here I abide, trusting and resting; here I lay up rich treasures of thought that make of me a mighty magnet drawing good into my manifest world. Prosperity flows to me from every direction until "my cup runneth over." As I open my hand, my pocketbook, my bank account, my business, my home to the inflow of Thy substance, each is filled with a prosperity that is eternal, because it comes from Thee who art from everlasting to everlasting. I enter into that peace which brings freedom from anxious thought, because I know in whom I believe, and I know that He who is my supply and my support will never fail me, no matter how great my need may be.

I praise and give thanks to Thee, Thou Giver of gifts, for Thy bountiful substance "pressed out" to me, taking form in whatsoever I need even before the need is manifest, in the ever-overflowing measure of the loaves and fishes, to spare and to share.

The Temple of the Living God

My body, this house which my soul possesses, is the dwelling place of the Most High God. In the holy of holies within my own soul Spirit waits for me to become conscious of its own indwelling perfection,

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waits for me to cleanse the temple and let spiritual perfection fill my life.

Momentarily, through thought and word and act, I seek to build a body temple so pure, so holy, so harmonious that Spirit may be able to find expression in me and through me. I seek to finish with earthiness, that this corruptible may put on the incorruptible, this mortal the immortal; that this flesh may be translated into pure spirit substance, which knows no pain or weakness, no accident or death. I seek to surrender my emotions, my desires, to the will of the Highest, that every cell in my body may be resurrected from the deadness that the senses have imposed upon them and become free to express the purity and beauty of Spirit. I seek to find within me the Christ body and to claim it as my own, that the physical may co-ordinate with the spiritual and become self-renewing, vital, young, beautiful, a redeemed body, formed after the image, patterned after the likeness of the Creator, even the living God.

Thus do I seek to make my body a fit dwelling place for Thee, my beloved, a place in which Thou delightest. Let every thought be as sweet incense on Thine altar, let every word resound as sweet music in a heavenly choir, let kind acts and just deeds form an inner beauty of expression and that which I am become the holy atmosphere of Thy kingdom.

To Thee, O living God, do I dedicate my body as Thy holy temple. My soul is again at one with Thee in Thy tabernacle, and it is glad. I bid my intellect sit at Thy feet to learn of Thee, that Thy

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wisdom may be my wisdom and guide my footsteps surely into Thy way of holiness. My eyes I dedicate to the seeing of good only, seeing the Christ in my brother, the Lord in all creation. My ears I dedicate to listening within for Thy message, my mouth to speaking Thy words of Truth. My brain is Thine to use for constructive thinking and the lifting of the race consciousness. My hands and feet are to serve Thee and make the path of life more glorious. In all that I do I seek to express Thee.

O living God, take this body temple and let Thy glory express itself in it and through it, that it may be a shining tabernacle through which Thy love and beauty and perfection are shown forth to mankind as man's very own.

Meditation for Protection

My heart holds nought but love divine, nought but peace and good will. My mind reaches out to bless wherever a blessing may be needed, regardless of creed or race or station. In this consciousness there is no room for antagonism, for contagion, for accidents or terrors, for storms of the elements or emotions. All my world is filled with the harmonizing, uplifting, all-absorbing love of God.

He that keepeth me in the hollow of His hand neither slumbers nor sleeps. The angel of His presence wields a flaming sword at the entrance to my world, keeping back all error. The strong right arm of Jehovah God is my defense from all evil. He that keepeth me as the apple of His eye maketh me to

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dwell in safety. He keepeth my goings-out and comings-in. By day the cloud of His presence hides me from harm, by night the flame of His glory dissolves all the terrors of darkness. In the secret place of the Most High I dwell securely; under the shadow of the Almighty I abide peacefully.

My Father, I give thanks to Thee for the radiance of the Christ presence continually abiding in me. Let whoever crosses my path in hatred, in hardness, in injustice be healed by the image of Thyself radiating through me. Let me be so filled with the Christ love that anyone seeking to enter my world, visibly or invisibly, to harm may become conscious of a love so full, so free, so great that it satisfies him and takes from his heart all error desire. Let him also be lifted up into a realization of his Christ likeness and evermore walk with Thee.

Let me, my Father, feel Thine omnipotence until all the enemies of my household, fear and anxiety, worry and doubt, vanish from my consciousness into utter nothingness, to return no more. Let me sit at Thy feet and learn of Thy loving-kindness until love has made friends of all enemies.

To Thee, my Father-God, praise and thanksgiving constantly rise like sweet incense from Thine altar in my heart. For Thine omnipresence continually leading me in paths of righteousness and ways of peace, for Thine omniscience ever before me as a shining light, for Thine omnipotence powerfully dissolving the error, I momently give thanks, my Saviour, my Redeemer.