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Effectual Prayer: Relaxation

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Chapter III


THE MYSTICAL WAY of life everlasting involves the body as well as the soul. In following our old way of thinking we gave much attention to prayer for the saving of the soul, but the body received only desultory spiritual attention, and that when it was under bondage to disease. Even then there was little seeking or expectation of obtaining bodily healing through prayer; for the prayer was usually "If it be Thy will, restore me to health; if not, give me patience, make me submissive." We did not realize that in God's will for us there is only health and harmony and joyful expression and that to be restored we have but to enter into His presence and operate in accord with His will for us. Mankind each day is getting farther away from the belief that sickness and death is the dispensation of the Almighty and is coming to realize that these are due to man's ignorant or willful transgression of the law of righteousness. Man is coming into the deeper knowledge that the body is dependent on the mind for its perfection, that "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" (Matt. 4:4). In this knowledge man seeks to open both mind and body to the word of God so that he may be filled with that which is productive of life everlasting here and now.

With this deeper understanding of the teaching of Jesus Christ and with the example of His ministry

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of healing before us, we when in need ask for complete bodily healing, we seek expectantly, and with faith in His presence and power we relax and rest in this trust. We seek to follow after Him in the spiritualization of our body, bringing it under the complete control of the mind of God in us, so that we may have mastery of it and direct it truly so as to serve Him and ourselves. What pleasure is a body that is weak, suffering, limited in any way? Instead of keeping the body going according to our direction, performing the functions of life and enjoying its pleasures, we often humor it and coddle it and doctor it, sometimes giving our whole attention and time to nothing but its demands, and perhaps calling in the aid of others also. We are bound by such a body at the expense of every other interest in life. Contrast with this the body that "goes and does," the body which to its owner is the temple of the living God, a body radiant, beautiful, vital, strong. A body like this can be the possession of any person who keeps his mind attuned to Spirit and his body open and receptive, to what God-Mind contains.

"Know thyself" should be written large in our purpose and plan, and to know ourselves we must deal with the whole man. One of the mysteries of the old religion was how God could be three persons in one. When we come to an understanding of our own threefold character as spirit, soul, and body, we shall better understand the threefold character of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The trinity of God, which is also mind, idea, manifestation, is

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continually in man's mind, and when man is attuned to God, instead of relying on the limited ideas of his own intellect, the Holy Spirit brings the Father's idea of sonship into expression, to his good and to the glory of his Creator. When we thus know ourselves as the threefold creation of God and seek to keep mind, soul, and body open and attuned to God, we shall cease to be lopsided with sufferings, in our spiritual, our mental, or our physical nature, merely because this side of us is closed to His thoughts, His love, His life. We shall find the body obedient to, the soul eager for, this teaching, we shall find our emotions attaining peaceful expression under our control and the ills that through ignorance and lack of spiritual guidance have befallen us we shall find gradually fading from our life. All the functions of our body and all the activities of our life will again be controlled by the Spirit of God in us and find expression according to His perfect pattern for us.

To relax is to become open and receptive. The body in its outer manifestation follows the mind. Every ache or pain or diseased condition of the body has back of it some inharmonious thought, some thought out of relation to the Creator, which tenses it and closes it to the inflow of God life. If we could look within the little cells of the diseased part, we should see each as a stagnant pool, from which the pure, clear water had been closed off, we would see it all darkened as if its light had been turned off. We have all seen persons in whom there

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was still the breath of life but who looked like a house with all its windows darkened. We have also seen those who reminded us of a house set on a hill, illumined, so vital and living were they, so filled with the divine essence of all life, open and receptive to the power of God in their body. Anyone who learns to relax and contact Spirit, who remains in this consciousness long enough, will find the flesh losing its darkness, heaviness, impurity, coarseness, and the beauty and purity of Spirit shining through.

A young person is more alive than an older one, because the former has not incorporated so many ideas of sickness and sorrow, of limitation, poverty, and death in his consciousness, to tense the body and disconnect it from its source. The cells of his body are still connected with the energy or life of God that brought them into being. The Spirit is still able to function in the child, except at times when surrounding inharmonies fill the little mind with fear and tense the body, shutting off the inflow. If in prayer we truly let go of the outer and enter into the God presence, we become again as a little child and receive of that which the Father holds for the Son. In this attitude of mind we let the living stream of life flow into every cell, purifying and lighting it, giving to it its original state of perfection.

The more often we enter in and in mind lay hold of the perfect pattern or God idea of man the less attention and consideration we shall need to give to the material body. In this communion we shall

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touch the mystical Christ body, and Christ will give us to eat of His substance and drink of His life. We shall build again a spiritual body immune from disease, which will not suffer pain or become weak and helpless. To commune with this real body is to make the outer earth garment like it. It was after such communion that the Master was transfigured until even His clothing glistened. It will be in some such way that we too shall become transfigured, transformed, renewed. Then shall we glorify God in our body.

With a better understanding of our body we come to that part of prayer which we call relaxation. In the last lesson on preparation we mentally let go of inharmonies, cleansing and forgiving. In this lesson we let go physically so that the mental purity that we contact in our prayer or silence may enter into the flesh and perfect it. If the body is tensed and cramped it is continually calling the mind away from its devotions. To be physically at rest in meditation aids in concentration, in cutting out the interference of the intellect so that the mind of God can function more clearly. Sitting in a comfortable chair with hands relaxed, at times with palms open in a receptive attitude, is a great physical aid to relaxation. If any part of the body seems tense, speak quietly but firmly to it in these words: "Relax, relax, relax, and rest in the Lord." Speak as often as necessary to secure complete relaxation, pausing a moment between repetitions, expectantly listening within for the tenseness to give way and peace to enter. The

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body will teach us many truths concerning itself when we let go of the strife and strain of the without and go within to listen. At first the true message may be drowned out by emotion, by pain, by throbbings or jerkings; but as we patiently and calmly speak peace to these, soothing them as we would a little child, always acknowledging the creative life within as doing the work, all in the temple of the living God will become quiet and ready for Him to express His beauty, His life, His being.

Those who are prone to live at high tension in home or business, who rush and strain to finish the duties of the day, who are of a nervous temperament, will find that they become more and more receptive to spiritual strength, begin to walk more quietly through the day and rest more fully and peacefully at night, if occasionally they go through the whole body and speak words of relaxation to each part. When they have learned to control the physical instead of allowing it to control them, they will find that it will cease to be such a problem to enter "the secret place of the Most High" and there find renewal of mind and body. When we are truly relaxed, we are as unconscious of the body as we are of well-fitting clothes. The body is the clothing of the soul and the soul is the clothing of the Spirit, and a body so cramped that it cannot let go and relax is closed to the beauty and life that Spirit seeks to express in it through the soul.

When your body begins to manifest inharmony, instead of fearing and visioning the outcome, instead

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of describing and enlarging upon the symptoms, you then should go apart, shutting both the door to the room and the door of the mind, and in quietness seek to still the body. Forget all the duties of the day, free yourself of all material things, and surrender your self to God. The omnipresent life of God is all about His children, as free and abundant as the air you breathe. If you will lie flat and straight, and speak over and over words of relaxation to the body, especially to the part that is manifesting inharmony, and if you will rest in peace and quietness, in expectancy and faith, inviting definitely the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient life to come in and take possession, then your body will be thrilled, filled, healed. What if it does take a few hours apart, or even a day and a night, to relax so that the God life will have a place of entrance! Days of helplessness and suffering will be avoided, and a harmony and refreshing and renewal will come that will increase joy and vitality as the days pass.

In learning to relax the body it is helpful many times to speak aloud the words of Truth that you seek to impress on it. Speak in quiet and peaceful yet firm tones, expecting instant attention and prompt obedience. Do not hurry. Rather be lazy, letting the mind follow the words to the part to which you are speaking, and stopping there until relaxation is felt. Begin at the top of the head and go through to the feet; then back to the solar plexus or heart region, which is the central station of the body, and there rest the mind in some holy thought or

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appropriate psalm. As one learns for oneself the correspondence between the different parts of the physical body and the body of the Spirit, words will form to fit the individual need, the need of the moment, and the physical body will become open to receive and express its original and natural perfection. Until this time comes, the following words will be found helpful to relax the whole or certain parts of the body:

"'Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth' (Isa. 45:22). Listen to the message that Spirit speaks to the flesh, and listening, perceive and obey. 'Your redemption draweth nigh' (Luke 21:28)."

"Scalp and hair, relax, relax, relax. Let the life and beauty and glory of the Most High crown you. I am overshadowed by the angel of His presence, and there is continually being poured out upon me a shower of blessings that far exceed in number the hairs of my head. I am open to receive them in an ever-increasing measure of livingness."

"Forehead, relax. You need not be tense and wrinkled from anxiety, worry, for I put my trust in the Lord. Thy name, O Father, written within my heart, sets a seal in my forehead that is my protection from all evil."

"Eyes, relax. All the muscles and nerves in and around the eyes, relax, that physical weakness may pass and spiritual strength and life flow in. Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord, that I may behold the beauty of His countenance and the riches of His kingdom. Keep, O Lord, this lamp of my body single, that I may see the good only in persons, circumstances, and things, and that my whole body may be lighted with Thy glory."

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"Nose, relax, relax, relax. Let the Spirit of God in my nostrils make keen the discrimination that was given me in the Garden, that I may choose; the good and leave the evil. 'The breath of the Almighty giveth me life' (job 33:4). "

"Mouth, relax, relax, relax. Let go of all error words that you may be an instrument through which the Beloved speaks.

" 'Set a watch, O Jehovah, before my mouth,
Keep the door of my lips' (Psalms 141:3).

Relax, all the muscles and nerves around the mouth, that the corners may turn up and outpicture the inner joy of the heart and the sweetness in the soul."

"Ears, relax, that all spiritual deafness may pass from you, that you may hear the guiding and directing voice of Spirit. I am not rebellious about anything past or present. I am meek and lowly, willing and obedient, and my inner ear is attuned to catch the slightest message from the omniscient Guide."

"Front brain, relax. I am not headstrong, therefore I do not suffer from splitting headaches. My human intellect is merged in the divine. When I lack wisdom I seek entrance to Thine omniscient mind, O knower of all things, and Thou dost give to me liberally of Thy great knowledge and infinite understanding."

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"Base of the brain and spinal cord, relax, relax. Let the peace that passeth understanding flow through you and out from you into every center of the body. I establish Thy tree of life in the midst of the garden of my soul, O Jehovah, and its leaves wither not, neither does its fruit perish or decay. Its beauty shall be to me as an olive tree planted by the river of waters, and the freshness that comes from the river of life, flowing into my soul, keeps me eternally young."

"Vertebrae, relax. Relax to the strength center at the small of my back. Let divine strength pour through you into mind and body, making strong all weak decisions, redeeming all weak sensations. Relax, vertebrae, to the elimination center at the tip of the spine. Let me eliminate all error from mind and body, let all inharmonies pass into outer nothingness. Thy purity, O Spirit, cleanses every physical weakness and makes strong every vital part of my being. All old accumulations are eliminated from mind and body, and I am eternally free."

"Neck, relax, relax, relax. Be an open channel through which the river of life may flow to and fro, in perfect circulation throughout the garden of God. Let me not in any way, at any time, be stiff-necked, superior, proud, but let me be poised and gracious in a consciousness of oneness with all."

"Throat, relax, that the power center in you may be baptized from on high. All power is given me in mind, body, and affairs through my consciousness of the abiding presence of Christ within my own soul."

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"Shoulders, relax and let go of all responsibilities, that the great Burden Bearer may draw near and lift the load. Thou, O Christ, will sustain and uphold me, for Thy yoke is easy, Thy burden light. In thee I trust and find surcease from labor and rest to my soul"

"Arms, to the elbows, relax. Elbows, to the wrists, relax. Wrists, to the tips of the fingers, relax. In all that you do, do it as unto the Lord, and you shall be swift to do good and quick to execute righteousness. I am quiet, open, receptive, that I may be used by the Master, and that His law of giving and receiving may be fulfilled in me."

"Chest, relax, expand. Lungs, relax, that the inspiration of the Almighty may fill you. Let me breathe in and breathe out the breath of God until I become a living soul."

"Stomach, relax. The providing law of God my Father is active in me and for me, therefore I take no anxious thought what I shall eat or what I shall drink. I agree with my food, and it agrees with me. I drink of the life and eat the substance of the Christ body. I do not worry, I am not sensitive, I do not fear, but I rest in the bosom of the Father in peace and joy."

"Liver, relax and let go of the bondage imposed on you by the criticism and condemnation of the human intellect. I do not judge according to appearances, but I do judge and am judged according to the judgment of the righteous One."

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"Abdomen, relax. Relax, all vital organs within your walls. Let the Great Physician have His perfect way in you. Let the Great Healer rectify all inharmonies. Let all physical waste be eliminated, let the waters of life cleanse you. Thou, O Father, who art rich in compassion and mercy, quicken Thy mercy and compassion through me and toward me."

"Generative organs, relax. All the thoughts of my mind and the desires of my life are lifted up, through the consciousness of the indwelling Christ; and the river of life, flowing freely through me, cleanses and renews every atom of my being. I thank Thee, O God, for the regenerating, purifying process now taking place in me, making me a new creature through and through."

"Hips, relax. You are not weighted down by the burdens of the body, neither am I weighted down by the cares of life. Through the realization of the presence of Christ, the great Burden Bearer, I am eternally young and free."

"Thighs, to the knees, relax. Thou, O Father, hath made firm the weak knees."

"Knees, to the ankles, relax. I am continually upheld, because I know that underneath are the everlasting arms."

"Ankles, to the tips of the toes, relax. I walk quietly before the Lord, therefore I am strong. The oil of divine love lubricates all the joints of my body, dissolves all hardness, and harmonizes mind and body so that they can express themselves according to the perfect pattern."

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"Feet, relax, that you may not slip from the path of perfect expression. My understanding is now at one with Divine Mind. Because, O Christ, Thou hast plucked my feet out out of a net and set them on a rock, and established my going, I mount up with wings as the eagle, I run and am never weary, I walk and faint not" (Isa. 40:31).

"Heart, relax, that there may be wiped from you all bitterness, all hardness, all hatred through the forgiving love of Christ Jesus. Love never faileth, neither do you, filled with the love of God, fail in any of your functions. God is the strength of my heart and each cell in my heart partakes of this strength. I have set up Thy throne in my heart, O King of my life, and my flesh rests in hope. My heart continually rejoices, because I am at peace with all mankind."

"Solar plexus, sun of my soul, light of my body, shine out the glory of thy Creator into every part of my being, that I may be restored to the perfect image and likeness, to the pattern in the mount, my eternal birthright and heritage from my Father, God."

Here at this center, this central station, rest until all the words have become flesh and dwell in the different parts of the body to which they have, been spoken. Give thanks to God. Let the inner song of praise that the soul knows, find its way into the droughts and hold the vision to the high watch as the daily duties are again taken up.

When the body has become obedient to the thought and the thought has become obedient to the Spirit, a "Holy Trinity" will be established, a constant inner glory, that will be a halo of protection,

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satisfying soul and body with its sustaining substance. Then will accident cease to mar the body, disease to rack it, death to claim it. Through the body's obedience to the Christ mind within it will become strong, supple, immortal, the body radiant, a fit dwelling place for the Spirit of God, and a beautiful expression of the mystical or Christ body.

My Father, my Creator, Thou whose likeness I am, whose image I bear, let my mind comprehend Thy beauty and purity, my body radiate it, my life express it, to Thy glory. May I let go of every thought, every desire, every material possession, that hinders this perfection from becoming my own. I am open and receptive to the river of Thy cleansing and renewing, and it flows through and through me, making me a new creative in Christ Jesus, every whit whole.

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Peace, Power, and Plenty

Peace, power, and plenty,
  Words that are heaven-born.
Say them, ye hearts that are weary,
  Till hope in your soul is born.
For words are things that will lift on wings
  The one that believes them true.
And whatever you will when the mind is still,
  You may call to the soul of you.
     – Henry Victor Morgan

Henry Victor Morgan was born in 1865. Henry Morgan was widely known as a metaphysical preacher of the early 20th century. Henry Morgan and his wife published "The Master Christian" from the early 1920s until his wife's death in 1931. After that it was published only intermittently. He was minister to the Church of the Healing Christ in Tacoma, Washington, until 1952. He died in 1952.


"Let patience have its perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire, lacking in nothing." (James 1:4)

"Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you." (James 4:8)

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." (Matt. 24:35)

"My words ... shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereunto I sent it." (Isa. 55:11)

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." (Col. 3:16)

"Have this mind in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 2:5)