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Take Shoes and Wallets and Two Swords (Fillmore)

Lessons Eight and Nine. Luke 22.

Unity Interpretation of
Take Shoes and Wallets and Two Swords

Given by
March 5, 1942

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Our opening song today will be a solo by Mr. Kenneth Jarman. This song was written for the whole congregation to sing for PEACE AND VICTORY, LIBERTY and all those things that you value so highly. Now you may all join in as Kenneth sings it. I am going to read the words over to you

(CORA: (Interrupting The author is Mr. Fillmore!) (A wave of appreciation).

The title is MARCH ON, MARCH ON TO VICTORY and the tune is No. 106, "The Light That Maketh All Things Now".

MARCH ON! MARCH ON TO VICTORY (Author: Charles Fillmore)

God gives us freedom and the light
To carry on, though dark as night.
Satanic forces bar the way,
With one strong voice we all shall pray.

March on, march on to victory!
"Ye allied arms of lighty!"
"Ye allied arms of liberty!"

In one united band we stand
Proclaiming peace to every land;
Where Freedom rears majestic head,
And hero hearts have freely bled.

March on, march on to victory!
"Ye allied arms of lighty!"
"Ye allied arms of liberty!"

Truth, crush, again shall ever rise;
While error, wounded, always dies;
Lift up your hands, your hearts, your heads,
And hear our soldiers' royal tread.

March on, march on to victory!
"Ye allied arms of lighty!"
"Ye allied arms of liberty!"

(Words by Charles Fillmore)

We are asking you all to join in Spirit as we listen to this solo. (Lord's Prayer.)


This is our ninth lesson in the course, MYSTERIES OF THE FOUR GOSPELS. Our lesson today is based upon Luke 22, verses 31 to 38 inclusive, just before Jesus' trial and crucifixion. Today we are reading Farrar Fenton's translation: Here he says:

The Master then added: "Simon. Simon, see Satan has demanded you, to sift you like wheat; but I have made supplication for you, that your faith may not fail. And when you have recovered yourself, strengthen your brothers."

"Master," was his reply, "I am ready to go with you to protect you, even to death."

"Let me tell you Peter," Jesus said, "The bugle will not sound today until you have thrice denied that you know me."

Then Jesus said to his disciples: "When I sent you without purse, or bag, or shoes, did you lack anything?"

"Nothing," was their reply.

Jesus answered them, "But now, whoever has a purse, let him take it; and likewise a bag. And he that has no sword, let him sell his cloak and buy one. For I tell you that which was written must be completed in me: That he was also ranked among the outlaws. For indeed what has been written about me will have fulfillment."

"Master, see," said his disciples, "there are two swords here." "That will do," was Jesus' reply." (See original for certified quotation.) [TruthUnity note: this translation is very close to the Fenton translation, but not exact.]

Here, first Jesus is warning Simon Peter just what is going to happen, that his faith will not stand the test. As for Jesus, he has unified his mind very closely with that of the Divine Mind and he knows just what to expect of Peter. Everything that comes into expression in the manifest world, we know first takes place in the realm of thought. And today, just as it was then, he who is spiritually quickened to the degree that with his mind he can penetrate into the great Omnipresence, can read from the law just what is about to come to pass. So the Master is warning Simon Peter that when he expects his delivery up for trial and crucifixion, that Satan (adverse thought entitied) will demand a showdown with Peter, and will sift him like wheat and test him to see if he can stand in the face of Jesus' threatened crucifixion.

The Master is virtually saying to Peter,

"I know when I am delivered up and you are tested by Satan, when he sifts you through like wheat, that you cannot stand the test, and that you will deny me. But Peter, after it is all over and you have recovered yourself, and your strength, then I want you to strengthen the disciples also. They will need it."

That is really what Jesus was saying to Peter. Of course, in the many many months that followed, Peter remembered this very well indeed. Jesus always spoke the right word at the right time. Study the Scriptures and you will find out this is true. He always spoke the right word at the right time.

I think it was Carlisle who said: "..word spoken in season, at the right moment is the 'Mother of Ages'." How true that is of Jesus' words! Every word he spoke was a complete word and has proved again and again that it is the 'Mother of Ages'.

Now I am sure we all have the ability to really interpret this Scripture within ourselves. We know "Jesus" symbolizes our own "Indwelling Christ"; and that the "disciples" of whom Peter is one, symbolizing "faith", are really spiritual faculties which we are trying to unfold, today. We remember them — will, order, and all the rest of them, understanding, wisdom, love, strength, power, zeal, renunciation, life, faith, imagination. Every one of us is working today to unfold our spiritual faculties because we know we cannot be the twelve-fold man until we do.

Now let us consider very carefully the last part of the Scripture: "Jesus said, when I sent you without purse, bag or shoes, did you lack anything? Nothing, was the reply."

We have to be able to demonstrate fully our own way. But now Jesus introduced a new issue. He said, "Now whoever hath a purse, let him take it with him, and likewise a bag. And he who has no sword, let him sell his cloack and buy one." This Scripture reveals indeed a new issue and a new situation, a situation where the disciples would have to use their wits continually and have to be prepared for anything. Arm themselves with a sword even, to protect themselves against bodily injury.

Judas, we know, is to prove a traitor, and many untruths will be set into circulation. Jesus took all this into consideration. The old phariseical dogmas and creeds were fighting for their lives. "I, Jesus, am accused by pharisaical dogmas and creeds and I am therefore classed among the outlaws. I am ranked among the lawbreakers." This was the condition of thought at that time, in a state of chaos, much the same as it is today.

We believe in prayer. In every situation, we believe prayer is the strongest power in all the world. We believe we know there is one law for us all. That one law governs all, and that is the law of the Christ. We know spiritual thought breathes with power. We take this into consideration at all times. And yet, in our present day situation, we know we must meet the enemy — at least be prepared to meet the enemy with his own weapons.

Today, we have our war-mongers who are working to take possession of the earth. They would make us slaves. They are overwhelmed with the idea of selfish greed perhaps and personal power. This is what we are facing today, and if necessary, we must be willing to sell our cloak to buy a sword. But through it all, we must have faith that God is the one and only power. When it is all over with, we must strengthen each other and know that God rules. [TruthUnity note: this point was stressed in Charles Fillmore's 1937 article "Can Christ Prevent War?"]

No doubt, it was because of lack of faith that Jesus Christ was delivered up. No doubt it was because of lack of faith on our part that the world is in the present day state of chaos. Nearly every nation of the world, of the earth, has been sifted like wheat today. Our time is approaching. Let us stand in faith. Know there is but one Presence and one Power, one Intelligence. And also let us know that we must meet the enemy with the same weapons perhaps that he comes at us.

Now this is the time for spiritual realization. We are going to think on Faith — spiritual faith. When, if we are sifted like wheat, will we have faith to stand? I believe we will. Faith in God. Faith in the One Presence and the One Power. Let us with one accord, right now, go within. Hold the thought steadily on God-Mind. Now think of DAUNTLESS FAITH, that faith that does not know defeat. That faith that will go right on working after all reason is exhausted. Faith, Spiritual Faith.

What is your definition of faith? Repeat the definition to yourself. Have dauntless faith; that faith that will move and mold and idea.

We will take the thought: I HAVE FAITH IN GOD-MIND TO ADJUST ALL THINGS. Together: (repeat)

Faith is a power that swings wide the door into the Kingdon of the Heavens. Thru faith, the door is now thrown open and this is our great moment to enter in. I HAVE FAITH IN GOD TO ADJUST ALL THINGS. "WE HAVE FAITH IN GOD TO ADJUST ALL THINGS." Let us realize the Indwelling Christ is making supplication for each of us, affirming the renewing of our faith. Though we are sifted like wheat, when we recover we shall strengthen each other and eventually we shall enter into the new dispensation of PEACE and JOY and every good thing. In the Name of Jesus Christ.


You will observe that the lesson today is a direct contradiction of the one given by Jesus in a previous chapter, the 11th chapter of Luke, in which he said he sent forth his representatives wihout purse, or scrip or wallet or shoes or anything except the Word of God, and I presume you have, as we all have, wondered WHY this apparent paradox? WHY he didn't send representatives out today with this supreme faith in the power of the Spirit, instead of telling them to arm themselves, take shoes and wallet and even two swords!

Why this contradiction? Well, we are told that circumstances alter cases. Jesus didn't base his doctrine on circumstances. He based it on states of mind. And as we study the situation — the states of mind represented by the disciples, we find that there is an entirely different mental attitude on the part of those disciples when he sent them forth in faith, in spiritual understanding. But in this instance, read the previous verses of this chapter, and you will find that we have the beginning of James and John contending and quarrelling as to who should be first in the kingdom of Jesus. Then we have Peter affirming that he has full faith and wouldn't deny the Master even unto death. Yet Jesus told him, "You are not filled with the faith of the Spirit, and before the cock crows you will deny me three times." Which he did. Now you can see he lacked faith in the of supreme trial. One who had been through this, taught by this great Master, who had received direct inspiration! We think if we had only been there and had Jesus Christ for a teacher, how true we would have been!

Here are these disciples, and now all of them went straight back on him when it came to the test! And "Judas Iscariot" is today a synonum of — well not only denial, disloyalty, but absolute villainy. He betrayed the Master with a kiss — and sold him for a little handful of silver. Just think of it!

Now under these circumstances of mind, in outer conditions, would you think Jesus would have that same faith in his disciples and his power, that he had when he had that first illumination, that first lift-up of the Spirit that comes to one! We have to be tested in this matter of discipleship. It seems to be so easy in the beginning, that we think we would never geta time of trail, never go back on this Principle.

A lady was tellilng me yesterday she was very anxious to sell her home, and go back somewhere. She went to a Unity student who said, "Why certainly!" She had never heard of Unity before, but heard of the great demonstration of Spirit. The Unity student gave her a word to hold. She went back and said she held that word. The next day a lady came in and she took her through the house. After she got through she said, "What's the price?" She named it. "All right I will take it." The house was sold! She never had anything surprise her so much as the way the thing went over. When she got through selling the furniture. She got out of it at least all she needed to take her back. After a little thinking and seeing in that Truth, she knew there was something about it. There was the first inspiration.

So here's the disciples of Jesus Christ sent forth. All he said unto those disciples was when they stopped at a house and were welcomed, was, "Peace be unto this house," and peace fell upon it. Well, that's good isn't it?

But as you go on and get deeper and deeper into the inner consciousness, you find there are issues there to be met. Don't lay it to outer circumstances. Don't lay it to circumstances of any kind or conditions. It isn't states of mind. What is your state of mind. Now that brings us right to the direct application of these two chapters in which Jesus Christ took two different attitudes for demonstrating. One was directed to bring peace. That is our attitude. We are not departing from this attitude of demonstrating the spirit of Peace, when we send forth out soldiers. But we are carrying out this attitude of mind with which we have met in the world. Now the world today is in a state of — well — turmoil, which is a state of demonstration throught their power in arms. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do with that? Shall we stand back and say, "Well, all we have to do is to pray?" No, you have got to pray AND WORK. "Faith without works is dead".

How are you to handle this proposition? As Jesus says, you handle at first the state of mind of people you have to deal with and adjust yourselves to that state of mind. You don't have to lower your standard. You don't have to depart from that ultimate which is peace. The whole world wants peace. We all want to get peace. What is a quick way to get peace? So settle down and learn your job. Do it. Or do something yourself, and still hold your standard. You see it is to do something. Let your faith go forth. Let these people we are sending out with even arms and let them understand they don't have to use those arms. Jesus Christ didn't say to go out with these two swords and mow people down. We didn't say anything of that kind. He was sending out representatives of his spiritual understanding. Now as you see, that's exactly our attitude. But people in writing to us criticize our attitude saying, "Why we are just going to war like all the world; you don't protect the people." They give us to understand because we believe in peace that all the members of our organization should be — well — equal to the demonstration to which they are now. Because you belong to Unity doesn't give you the right to make Unity do the work and you say, "I belong to Unity. Unity protects me. I don't have to go to war." Well, your Peter, John, James, Judas Iscariot are not just up to the standard of the demonstration that Jesus expects.

There is a point: it isn't membership, it isn't belonging to something that protects you; but what is your standard of understanding, and how faithful are you to it? Are you faithful? If you are to go, you can go out, join the army, and we will guarantee you will be protected. You won't meet with any disaster of any kind if you have that inner spiritual faith. So you can, if you are asked this question, just answer, "Well, just get the faith of Jesus Christ in God as the Protector over you, holding to that peace so strong that it is like some Hindu fakirs." They had faith in the power of spirit so strong that they surrounded themselves with an atmosphere that shut out harm. They catch swords in their hands and they don't hurt them. They don't give power to it.

That is just a demonstration of what we are teaching. It doesn't require the Hindu adept. They are carrying to extremes what we are giving out freely. We say if you hold onto this spiritual power within you and demonstrate it in mind and in all your affairs, if you build yourselves a spirit of protection, you can go to war and you will be protected. And we find, as nearly all of our boys do, when they go out in the training camps, they are given something to do that doesn't require also killing or doing anything that will in any way oppose their standards. Yet they are protecting their country and doing what they ought to do instead of sneaking back and being more or less of a coward. They go forward and do something. Jesus expects his people to go out — "Go forth," he said. Go forth and do what? "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons; freely you have received, freely give." Give it out. That's what we are proclaiming; that we must do something about it. We can't just settle back and pray. But let your prayers be demonstrated in doing something.

So we have got to take this into consideration as there is a point there. In unity with the Infinite Mind, I will guarantee and we will all guarantee, you will be cared for, be protected, and come back a little stronger and better than when you went forth.

One of our boys was working in Silent Unity, and he thought at one time he had kidney trouble and he was thinking God could cure it. He was drafted and went to war, and the Doctor examined it and told him there wasn't a thing the matter. "You are perfectly well." That young fellow was discharged soon after and came back really a new man. He had confidence he never had before and developed a capacity that he had. Well, you say there is no use studying Unity, you might go to war and get protected; get information about yourself — some people you know have got to have a doctor's certicate, or a doctor verdict that they are all right, and then they will connect that with the statement we have that "Man is spirit and whole", and that fulfills the law. So you have to deal with this outer world, but you don't have to deal with it in its outer beliefs and limitations but you master it from your understanding.

We see all through these phases, these inhibitions, we are going to come out of this war and we will have a new civilization, a new mankind. These hardships will have a good effect if taken in the right attitude. Don't worry about conditions. Don't worry about having to do without things. Don't worry. Don't have to do without anything at all. Got plenty of tires, and oil, and everything necessary "to my well being" ... speak the word and it will demonstrate for you.

Now we are going to have our healing meeting ... after we have the offering. I think that doesn't mean I haven't got a prosperity consciousness, because I have. I don't always express it in this outer way. (Laughter).


CORA: Offertory: As you take your offering in your hands repeat our usual word of blessing. Our word: DIVING LOVE THROUGH ME BLESSES AND MULTIPLIES THIS OFFERING. Together (repeat) ... In His name: Amen.
BLESSING THE OFFERING: Father, we thank Thee for this generous outpouring of Thy substance, place upon it our word of blessing, and know it shall be returned to the givers multiplied many fold. In His Name. Amen.


CHARLES FILLMORE: May we all join in the realization we are in the Presence of Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ is here with us. Through His power, we can speak words of healing. Let us take for our central idea today: THE SPIRIT MARCHES ON WHEN WE SPEAK THE WORD. March on to victory. Peace. Marches on to victory. Attaining freely, and marching on to victory. Attaining health, so you can say: SPIRIT IN ME MARCH ON. MARCH ON TO VICTORY in terms that they have. We know we have got the swing of it now and we march on, march on to victory of health. We are going to say it for those names we have sent in.

CORA: The word is MARCH ON! MARCH ON TO VICTORY OF HEALTH. I will read these names silently while you say the words: MARCH ON, MARCH ON TO THE VICTORY OF HEALTH.

CHARLES: Let us speak the word for health: MARCH ON, MARCH ON TO THE VICTORY OF HEALTH. Realize that spiritually. Feel that great inward roll of inward spiritual force and power. When we take this into our consciousness, the spirit of health will just manifest in the physical.


CHARLES: There are doubtless some in the audience who want this realization of more abundant health.

The Spirit is right here above you, around you, within you. The Kingdon of God is very nigh unto you. We are going to join with you in this word of marching on into your consciousness of the spirit of health, the victory of health. We will speak it aloud. All together, speak it with us, also for yourselves. (repeat) Silently. Realize that great inflow and outflow of health.

Remember there is no limit to this power of the Spirit. We can speak it for the absent ones. If you have a friend or friends you would like for this spirit of victory to be manifest through, speak the name in the silence; speak his name, speak her name in the silenece.

We will all speak the worth together for them; MARCH ON, MARCH ON TO THE VICTORY OF HEALTH. Now there are others. Mention their names now for these. Again (repeat).

Let's speak that word for all our absent boys; those who have gone into training. Let us say to them: MARCH ON, MARCH ON TO THE VICTORY OF SUCCESS. Speak it that way for them: LET EVERYTHING BE PEACE. BE GOOD. LET EVERYTHING BE GOOD. Let us say to all the world: MARCH ON, MARCH ON, MARCH ON TO THE VICTORY OF PEACE.

BENEDICTION: We are going to hold that for just a few moments in the silence and take it with us as we go forth realizing that we are the disciples of Jesus Christ going forth with that assurance of the Power of the Spirit in us to bring about PEACE TO THE WHOLE WORLD, to every nation. This we proclaim in the Name and through the Power of the Lord, Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Transcribed by Virginia Urban on September 27, 2016.