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Divine Ideas (Rabel)

This is a series of lectures given by Mr. Edward Rabel, member of the faculty of S.M.R.S.
Fall semester 1975 - 2nd. Yr. Class. Part of a lecture given on September 9, 1975

Topic: 5
Gen. 1:14-25, p.19 of transcript.

Divine Ideas

The divine ideas which will later be incorporated into human nature are mentioned as the greater light and the lesser light and the stars and the looming creatures, the various types of animal forms are mentioned. They’re all called good, good, very good. All these different things represent the various Divine Ideas which goes to make up goodness in human nature—your will, your understanding, the greater and lesser light—the organic life processes, the creeping things, the flying birds—these will later become manifested in you and me as part of our nature; and all of it constitutes that indefinable word that we call goodness, the good things about us, the fact that you live and grow, the fact that you can enjoy the things that you eat, that you see, that you contact with your senses, the fact that you’re able to do things, to accomplish things, all of this is part of the organic life which will evolve into higher and finer life expressions.

But all of it, all of that goes to make up you as you, is in its essence, in its essential quality is good. Even when you are doing something bad, it is something good doing something bad. Don’t tell me there’s no badness, because there’s too much of it; but in spite of badness, goodness is the real, true, the essential quality. I like to use the phrase “goodness is the ‘always-in-the-long-run’ thing” that will prevail. It really is. Sometimes this is hard to believe; you look around you, you read things or you hear about things, and you think it’s all flying to pieces, and then, just wait a little while, hold the faith, and you find the original is true.

The original pattern as described in Scriptures is true; it is good; God does mean it for good. Now that all the qualities as Divine Ideas are created, are entered into the creative process, the creative principle, now we begin to get down to brass tacks. We begin to get into more specifics. Remember, this is all coming from an illumined man’s mind. This is not divine revelation straight from all-knowingness; this is filtered through the consciousness of a very great person, who wrote the first chapter only of a book called Genesis.

Transcribed by Bill Nelson on 01-12-2015