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Let the Earth Bring Forth Vegetation (Rabel)

This is a series of lectures given by Mr. Edward Rabel, member of the faculty of S.M.R.S.
Fall semester 1975 - 2nd. Yr. Class. Part of a lecture given on September 9, 1975

Topic: 4
Gen. 1:11-13, pp. 17-18 of transcript.

Let The Earth Bring Forth Vegetation

And God say it was good. Now, in the eleventh verse, God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass and the earth shall conceive after its kind, whose seed was in itself upon the earth, and it was so, and the earth brought forth…” and then the idea is repeated, with a slight variation. Now, here we have another divine idea; these are all divine ideas, which will later become incorporated in us, in man, but this is in the abstract yet. And here is the first abstract mention of the idea which is so important to human nature, which is, like attracts like, and like begets like; here it is for the first time.

This is a law of consciousness, and people forget it, and we shouldn’t. Keep it in mind. The Whole Secret Of Mind Action And The Power Of Positive Thinking Works Because It Is First Established As A Divine Idea; Like Attracts Like, Like Begets Like. Now, in last year’s class, when I mentioned this, one of the students got very excited and she said, “Oh, I don’t believe that. I believe opposites attract.” Well, who said they didn’t? Why did she have to get mad? Just because I said this says like attracts like and like begets like, does that mean opposites never attract? No one is saying that. Sometimes opposites do attract, don’t they? You’ve all fallen in love with the wrong guy; you all have girls. And all of us guys have fallen in love with the wrong girl. Opposites do attract, but not on a spiritual level; only on lower levels or deceptive levels. They don’t really attract in the sense that we’re talking about; they fascinate. They can allure, fascinate, beguile, but not the real, legitimate creative type of attraction. That kind of attraction is always like attracts like and like begets like.

Q. They say that truly opposites have to be alike in a sense, there has to be a similarity?

A. What is an opposite? The opposite contains everything that this contains. But we’re not meaning opposite in that sense. Because then you could say, well, the opposite sex attracts. But we’re using the word opposite, then, in a different connotation. Want we mean about opposite here is something that is not right, not suitable, not in harmony, in principle with. Because hate doesn’t attract love; hate attracts more hate; then love can overcome hate, and then it’s love attracts love. But always remember that these divine laws and these afforisms that I bring up, always the good and the true and the real and the constructive is in charge. God is always in charge, even when there seems to be glaring exceptions and lapses, that’s not so. That’s outer appearances; that’s illusion; that’s more of that fascination stuff. But like attracts like, like begets like.

Now, in the book Lessons in Truth, I’m showing off now because I’ve just started teaching that, in the chapter Bondage or Liberty, Which, in the annotation, the wonderful people who wrote then — fifteen years since I read them, and now I’m working with them again — they’re masterpieces — those annotations for Lessons in Truth and How I Used TruthHow I Used Truth is a lousy book, but the annotations are magnificent, the annotations for Christian Healing — these are the finest published material in the Unity movement. You may quote me. The only thing that comes near to them in quality and in usability are Mr. Fillmore’s books, which are in a class by themselves.

Transcribed by Bill Nelson on 01-12-2015