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Chapter X: The Spiritual Gains Precedence of the Mental

Chapter X: The Spiritual Gains Precedence of the Mental
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Genesis 32-36 Spiritually Interpreted

MAN DEVELOPS his faculties in an orderly manner when he looks to Divine Mind as the one and only guide. But he does not always seek this inner wisdom, and the result is a disorderly development. Jacob represents the mind in man that directs the physical body (Esau) in all its acts. In divine order Jacob should be born first--we should think before we act--but we find that as a rule people do not reflect and then act, and especially is this true among people who are in the first stages of their race journey.

The natural man in his immature consciousness is moved by desire and not by rational thinking. He seeks to satisfy appetite regardless of higher law and sells his birthright for a mess of pottage. When understanding (Jacob) takes the ascendancy, there is an entire change. Jacob went toward Haran ("enlightened," "mountainous"). The significance of this sentence is that when we let our meditations and blessings fall on the "knowing" part of ourselves (Jacob instead of Esau) we go into a higher mental state or an exalted condition of mind, wherein we receive a higher and clearer conception of things spiritual.