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Ponderings by Catherine Ponder

Mark Hicks

Don't Ever Second-Guess Catherine Ponder

Back in June (2015) I wrote to Catherine Ponder, asking if I could interview her for TruthUnity. I had hoped she would be the third in the series about strong, successful ministers who have established and maintained a ministry for over fifty years, like Joyce Kramer and Richard Billings.

She is no longer giving interviews, but she graciously sent me a copy of "Ponderings, A Visit with Catherine Ponder" which contains dozens of articles that she has written for the INTA Magazine. Ponderings was published for this summer's 100th INTA Congress. When I saw how inspiring the articles were, I wrote her back and asked for her permission to share with you the material on TruthUnity. She replied,

"feel free to use the PONDERINGS material as you see fit. Yes, it would be nice if you indicated offerings and financial support of INTA."

So here we have thirty-four captivating, one-page stories from Catherine Ponder, a most prominent and fascinating Unity leader. We should read these stories because they are as fascinating as is Catherine Ponder herself ... and we become what fascinates us ... just read ... and allow yourself to become inspired by the images they form in your mind. Don't ever second guess Catherine Ponder. She is one of the great metaphysicians of our time. Read these stories today and your life will be enriched tomorrow.

Offer from Catherine Ponder

And so Catherine Ponder is giving still, as she has done for over sixty years. And how she has prospered. What's more, as you will see in the graphic here, she encourages us all to give to the International New Thought Alliance.

If you're ever going to take a chance on the Principle of Giving and Receiving, this is a pretty good bet ... a $250 donation to INTA will help fund one of the best-kept secrets for all of us in Unity and New Thought, and it will get you a set of 16 Catherine Ponder books. And, if you read them and apply the ideas she shares, success will come to you. As I said, don't ever second-guess Catherine Ponder.

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