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A letter from Catherine Ponder to Mark Hicks

Mark Hicks

Hi Friends —

We are now three or four generations into the Unity movement. I have found that our spiritual parents — so many who are listed here on TruthUnity and so many who remain to be rediscovered — continue to bless us in unknown ways.

Click here or on the photo to see the Unity graduating class for 1958. What a year for the future of Unity! There they are: Johnnie Colemon, Ed Rabel and Catherine Thrower.

Unity Ordination Photo 1958
1958 Unity Graduating Class

Catherine who? Catherine Thrower Ponder. Front row, 2nd from the right. Below is a card I received some time ago from Dr. Catherine Ponder. I'm from Austin and I have spent quite a bit of time at the University of Texas campus where Kelly Ponder once taught English. You can read about her life in A Prosperity Love Story, which I found to be a wonderful read. I wrote Dr. Ponder to share with her some reflections on the lasting impact of her work here in Austin. She wrote back with this wonderful note. Click on the image for an expanded view.

Catherine Ponder letter to Mark Hicks Oct 15, 2015 Envelope Catherine Ponder letter to Mark Hicks Oct 15, 2015 Card Catherine Ponder letter to Mark Hicks Oct 15, 2015 Personal note

Do you see the blessing she added at the end of her note?

   Richest blessings
   Catherine ponder

Unity is a special branch of the Christian faith. It's message is quite simple. It is not about sin, but rather about oneness. It is not about worshipping Jesus, but rather about following him. It is not about confession, but rather about transformation. Unity is the only branch of Christianity I know where people spend all their time, energy and money freely passing around blessings to one another.

Mark Hicks
February 11, 2018