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INTA Conference Life Member Receptions

INTA Conference Life Member Receptions
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A Visit With Dr. Catherine Ponder about INTA Conference Life Member Receptions

At the MILLENNIUM 2000 Congress to be held July 11-16, 2000, at the Omni Hotel, San Antonio Texas, I will have the pleasure of co-hosting with INTA a "By Invitation Only" reception-party for the Life Members of INTA, as well as for the speakers participating in the meetings.

All members and friends of INTA are special; and make a concerted effort to attend our once-a-year International Conventions, often traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles. However, the Life Members of INTA are very special, since they go even further to show their commitment to the world of New Thought.

I personally have had the pleasure of participating in hosting INTA parties off and on for several decades: from Honolulu to Miami Beach, and from New York to New Orleans. Each event gave me an opportunity to get to know the greats of New Thought of the twentieth century in a way I would never have had otherwise.

Among those in attendance were: the famous Rev. Ike of New York City, described by Time Magazine as "the Liberace of religion:" Dr. Johnnie Colemon and her husband of Chicago; Dr. Jack and Ardis Baughman of New York City; Dr. Bill Hornaday of Los Angeles; Dr. Joseph Murphy of Los Angeles; Dr. Donald Curtis of Los Angeles and Dallas; Dr. Jack and Connie Addington of San Diego; Dr. Raymond Holliwell; the Mays family, including the indomitable Dr. Lola Mays of Phoenix; Revs. Jane and Sig Paulson of Unity School, later of Houston; Dr. Robert Bitzer of Hollywood; Dr. Carlton Whitehead of Chicago; Dr. Raymond Barker of New York City; Dr. Fred Vogt of Denver; Dr. Jack Holland of San Jose; Drs. Frank and Anita Richelieu of Redondo Beach; Dr. Ruth Murphy of New Orleans; and countless others from around the world.

Am I "name dropping?" You bet! I was able to get acquainted with these (and many other) spiritual giants of the twentieth century from the world of New Thought in a relaxed, informal party setting in a way I might not have had another opportunity to experience.

Why am I telling you this? Because I'd like to invite you to have a similar experience at the upcoming Congress in San Antonio. Which poses this question: Are you a Life Member of INTA? If not, why not? It would be a great way to honor those who participated in the twentieth century New Thought, as well as honoring twenty-first century New Thought students from around the world who are already Life Members. Many that you meet at this party already are or will become legends in their own time in the International New Thought Alliance. You can bless yourself by touching base with them in consciousness, and vice versa.

Also, you may meet long time friends for a catch-up time. Rev. Marge Coleman, a retired Religious Science minister, now living in Palm Desert, and a member of the Executive Board of INTA, said to me excitedly after our 1998 Lifetime Reception, "I saw people I had not seen or visited with in 15 years at that party!"

This San Antonio "By Invitation Only" reception-party is especially meaningful to me, since it may be my last for a while. I need to return to my book-writing, long overdue. So it's another reason why I am inviting you through Life Membership to join me and the INTA officials for this special party. For more information on Life Memberships, contact the INTA headquarters, Mesa Arizona, by letter, telephone, or fax, after which, I'll see you at the party!

(Excerpt - New Thought Magazine - Winter 2000)

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