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INTA Conference Speakers

INTA Conference Speakers
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A Visit With Dr. Catherine Ponder and the delight of INTA Conference Speakers

For the first time in several years, I was free to attend the 1998 INTA Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, it disturbed me that I was unable to attend every session in order to enjoy the variety of speakers, each so different, yet so filled with our New Thought truths that spilled out of them in a multitude of ways.

Note from Mark: A USB thumbdrive with audio files (.mp3) of dozens of talks and music from this summer's 100th INTA Conference (2015) is available. Call the INTA at (480) 830-2461.

I felt cheated, until I remembered that there were tapes of each speaker, and each public meeting, some containing a number of speakers on one tape. So I asked INTA headquarters to please send me ALL the tapes of that Congress.

Our dear Mimi Ronnie, CEO, gets things done before you can get through speaking them. That quick, I had a box full of Scottsdale tapes. (I could have selected just a few to be sent, but wanted "the whole thing.")

What a feast! I had my own INTA convention all over again. I re-listened to the speakers I had already heard; only this time I heard them speak forth Truths I had not caught in person. Also, what a surprise and delight when I began listening to all the tapes of speakers I did not get to hear in person. Walter Starcke, Roy Eugene Davis, Dr. Tom Costa, and so many others whose names were familiar to me; plus a number of new speakers I had not heard before.

I couldn't believe my ears. Each one seemed to top the one I had just finished hearing. How could so many people from different parts of the United States and around the world come up with so many fascinating ideas, all worth further thought? And giving me answers I needed.

My first reaction was, "Why haven't I been doing this for years?" All those summers when I was writing books and did not get to attend; all those years when I did attend, speak, give a party, autograph books, and listen to as many speakers as I had time for, but never enough.

Did you get to this year's Florida INTA Congress? I did not, in person. But you know what I am up to: Mimi, here I come. May I purchase another full set of everything on tape from the 99 speakers?

I do not mean my sharing my own delightful experience with you that hearing the tapes in my Palm Springs den in any way made up for being there in person, where I could see, feel the consciousness, observe the persona, and tune in on the collective reaction of the group in attendance.

Remember that long term success formula: "Two agreed tune in on a Third Power." Well, multiply that by sitting in a room filled with fellow New Thought students, all mentally soaking up the ideas they hear, and mentally agreeing. Talk about multiplying the loaves and fishes! It can be a "Cloud Nine" experience.

Another thing that delighted me through attending in person, then later hearing the tapes, and passing them on to others to hear, was: There's nothing dull about attending an INTA Congress. There's more wit and humor expressed than at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, or on the Vegas strip (Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller, move over!)

Some New Thought speakers are just natural "stand-up comedians," whether they mean to be or not; others catch on fast and realize the power of Truth expressed in humor. Sometimes the light-hearted, expectant consciousness of the group just naturally draws it out of the speaker; and then everybody has a good time, while learning or re-remembering.

Next summer, I plan to attend the San Antonio, Texas, 2000 Congress, giving a talk, co-hosting a reception with INTA for our Life members, autographing books; and when possible, listening to as many speakers as possible.

Then when I get home, here we go again; more tapes, more laughs, more appreciation of old and new Truths spoken. Also, more sharing of those tapes with others. My conclusion? Quite aside from the inspirational benefits, an INTA Congress can be just plain fun! But don't take my word for it. Celebrate the 21st Century by joining me in San Antonio and decide for yourself.

(Excerpt - New Thought Magazine -Autumn 1999)

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