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Metaphysical meaning of flood (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of flood (mbd)
flood (Gen. 7 and 8).

Meta. Science teaches that man's body contains several of the elements that are found in the earth. Religion goes a step farther and proclaims that man is an epitome of Being; that he is like his Maker in spirit, soul, and body, the image and likeness of God. If man's body is of a character similar to the earth's, it must in some of its phases be like its prototype. The earth is about three-fourths water and one-fourth land. The body is about eighty per cent water. As the waters of the earth evaporate and surround it with clouds of mist, so the waters of life surround man's body. As the electrical forces move upon the earthly mists, so the mental forces cause the invisible ethers of the body to condense and flood it. The poet's, "A flood of thoughts came o'er me," is not a metaphor but a plain statement of fact. When mind and body reach a certain tense, strained condition the law of oneness forces a conjunction and a flood follows.

With these analogies we may reasonably assume that the lesson of the Flood is especially valuable to us in the light of its parallel in our mind and body.

Man is an epitome of all that exists in Being, even to the Spirit of God, which is inspired in him. But man is a free agent. He can open his mind to the divine intelligence and know the creative law, or he can declare his independence and work out his character through blind experimentation. Our race is in its experimental stage. In our ignorance we transgress the divine law to the last limit, and a great reaction sets in. This is "the flood." Disease names express the general condition, which is negative to the point of dissolution. Then that in us which looks to God in extremity is awakened and we seek the divine law. This obedience is Noah, through whom a new state of consciousness is saved.

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