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Metaphysical meaning of zeal (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of zeal (rw)
zeal--Intensity, ardor, enthusiasm; the inward fire of the soul that urges man onward, regardless of the intellectual mind of caution and conservatism.

Zeal is the mighty force that incites the winds, the tides, the storms; it urges the planet on its course, and spurs the ant to greater exertion. It is the urge behind all things. Zeal is the affirmative impulse of existence, its command is "Go forward!"

"The zeal of thy house hath eaten me up" (Psalms 69:9) means that the zeal faculty has become so active intellectually that it has consumed the vitality and left nothing for spiritual growth. One may become so zealous for the spread of Truth as to bring on nervous prostration. "Take time to be holy." Turn a portion of your zeal to do God's will; to the establishing of His kingdom within you. Do not put all your enthusiasm into teaching, preaching, healing, and helping others; help your own soul. Do not let your zeal run away with your judgement. When zeal and judgment work together great things can be accomplished.

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